FitBurn: how a Web3 fitness community can help users stick to their gym routines 

We all know the benefits of regular exercise. It’s as simple as it is: the more frequently one exercise, the better their health and the higher their well-being is. What’s more, exercise helps reduce the number of stress chemicals responsible for anxiety and depression. Those suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)/trauma can also benefit from exercise.

Yet, keeping up with the fitness routine is a challenge, what with our full-time jobs and other activities. A study published in Nature in December 2021 claims that little monetary rewards, such as those obtained through move-to-earn apps, can be a solution to this challenge, playing a crucial role in motivating us to exercise. Today, a little than a year since the study’s publication, we are seeing the rise of Move-to-Earn apps that combine blockchain and fitness and throw in a pinch of gamification.

But is getting paid for your exercise a motivation large enough? According to Filburn, a Burn-to-Earn blockchain-based fitness app, not quite so. The push to train is incomplete without being a part of a community of fitness enthusiasts who share the same passion — and are walking the same path — as we do. 

FitBurn: Bridging fitness and blockchain

FitBurn’s mission is to support app users on their fitness journey. It leverages a to-be-patented Burn-to-Earn technology to let users cut fitness expenses through discounts and special offers, help them keep up with daily exercise by introducing gamification and access to a community of fitness enthusiasts, and get rewards just by going through their fitness routines. 

The platform’s ecosystem is powered by Calorie Token ($CAL) and native NFTs. To become a part of the community and get access to offers, member perks, events, and complimentary partner gym membership for the first year, users must purchase a gamified T-shirt NFT. 

To date, FitBurn has partnered with Olympia Weekend Expo and FIBO, the world’s largest fitness & bodybuilding trade show, as well as smaller brands — to provide users with access to unique experiences and products ranging from fitness services to nutrition to apparel. 

FitBurn raised $1.4 million in pre-seed funding round, and the app development is currently underway. The app release is planned for the beginning of 2023. In the meantime, the project is focused on expanding the network of partnerships to bring more value to its users, and building a strong community around the product. 

Benefits of building a Web3 fitness community

So what are the benefits of being a part of FitBit’s Web3 fitness community, and how exactly does it function? ‘A strong community can provide a sense of belonging and identity for its members, helping them to feel connected and engaged. And, of course, it helps us find support —  and recharge our motivation when it gets difficult to show up for our daily fitness routines,’ says Sebastian Menge, FitBurn co-founder who is a dedicated fitness enthusiast himself. 

Fit Burn has potent booster zones, local challenges, as well as national and global leaderboards, allowing users to compete or just connect with other users to unlock a wide range of social activities and access to events. For one, competition winners will get invitations to world & European championships and meet-ups with famous athletes and bodybuilders worldwide.

As an added advantage, CAL stakers will also get discounts on fees and certain purchases, prizes in $CAL, calorie multipliers, governance powers, and access to VIP events. To boost interaction and community engagement, FitBurn will also introduce a messenger function within the app, where community members can connect and communicate with one another.

For now, FitBurn’s community is centered around the Telegram chat, where the project holds GYM BATTLE weekly challenges with monetary rewards for the winners. 

However, upon the release, FitBurn users will get access to a full range of social features. Those who visit Fibo Expo in Germany on April 13-16, 2023, in Cologne, Germany, will have an opportunity to be the first to test the app.

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