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Why investors need to use a stock scanner for trading


Different kinds of stocks in the market depend on the company’s market capitalization. The company’s shares with relatively small valuations traded OTC (Over The Counter) and usually not listed on a stock exchange are called Penny Stocks. These Penny stocks typically trade for less than $5 per share in the US.

However, some Penny stocks do the trading on the large exchange also.

Whenever the investor wants to invest in the share market, the investor needs the help of a stock scanner. For more information, they could refer

  • The investor needs to do some preparatory work/understand the particular company the investor wants to invest in, its financial history after consulting with financial experts,
  • Have an appropriate plan about how much money the investor wants to invest and the investment duration.

For all these preparations, one can take help from market scanning tools, which assist in finding the best trade opportunities in real-time. One such popular “all in one” market scanning platform made for the day and swing traders is Scanz.

Scanz is best in finding intraday trading opportunities in less than minutes, along with indications for Breakouts, Volume spikes, and gaps scanning the entire US Market and penny stocks in OTC Market. The real-time news from more than 100 news sources is summarized, and pre-and post-market scanning is continuously displayed.

Features  that make Scanz an invaluable part of an investment tool kit

Available with a total Package option, with various modules like Pro scanner, Easy scanner, News scanner, Breakout scanner, many alerts for Price/volume change, News alert, and many charts displaying the live streaming, crisp drawing tools, and technical indicators. It is why many investors can find this helpful site:

It covers various equities like foreign, preferred, regular, warrants, SPACs, Convertibles, and many more of the entire US Market (Nasdaq, NYSE, AMEX, BATS) and OTC Market from 4 am to 8 pm EST.

Various modules of Scanz (an example for investor aid)

  • Easy Scanner

It is used when simple, and speed is the main essence of trading. Using basic filters like price change, volume, and market cap across the markets Nasdaq, NYSE, AMEX, and OTC for about 18 different stock types.

One can see the results of the entire day (either on the present day or the previous day) with full market transparency and a birds-eye view of the most active stocks throughout the day or for stocks with specific criteria like volume up for 5%. These stocks traded at least 50,000 shares on that day etc. It is best for beginners.

  • Pro scanner

The stocks can be filtered based on more complex rules than easy scanners with customizable and intuitive rules. The scan results are live-streamed with zero latency. The investor can also export the results to a CSV file for further analysis and planning. To know how this can be done better, the investor can check out

  • News Scanner

Several sources of real-time news like press releases, M&A deals, earnings, and other market-moving events are transmitted to the investor as and when they occur from over 100 news sources. Professional traders always follow live news streaming services like Bloomberg or Reuters, which ordinary people cannot afford. That is where News Scanner is helpful at a meager cost.

The alerts for individual stocks are also delivered through the mail, focusing on the news that matters to the investor only.

  • SEC Filing

The annual and quarterly reports can be viewed from the SEC Filing module.

  • Breakout scanner

The stocks displaying abnormal price action are live-streamed through Breakout Scanner. The four different breakout scans available are,

New Highs, New Lows, Price Breakouts, and Volume Breakouts.

  • Scanz also includes Broker integration with the two most popular trading platforms.

The different charts available enable to live stream of real-time stock market data from 1 min intraday intervals up to 1-month bars. The 100 technical indicators and 30 drawing tools have enhanced the Scanz.

  • The montage window is another all-in-one module for decision-making.
  • Scanz Level-2 Data indicator gives an in-depth look at the stock’s order book and market maker activity.

Lastly, the investor can also go through Scanz Platform Walkthrough to get accustomed to Scanz Modules.

With all these features, the investor can trade well with low risk to get more profit to watch out for more information.

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