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Why Finding A Christian Book Publisher Is Important And Where To Find One

Young people are experiencing a spiritual void filled with occult literature and media. Subtly, readers absorb the author’s values and worldview, whether they are conveyed explicitly or implicitly through the narrative. These influences will have a lasting impact on our youth’s decisions for life and eternity. Today, even children and adolescents require Christian authors. These are the years when life-altering decisions are made. According to surveys, most people who become Christians do so before the age of 21. However, after this age, young people become increasingly resistant to the message of the gospel.

Having a Christian worldview enables your book to be on point with marketing, graphic design, and navigating distribution channels such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon in a manner that embraces Christian values.

Why finding a Christian publisher is important?

The Christian market is worth $1.2 billion and represents 10% of the US publishing market. The Christian book market consists of Evangelical, Catholic, and a number of other Christian markets. Typically, Christians spend more money on books and read more books than the average reader. And these books are frequently purchased from Christian bookstores. Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series, which features post-apocalyptic themes, a heavy dose of violence, and a touch of horror genre influence, is an example of widespread, broad-based success in the genre. The series has sold more than 63 million copies. The large and diverse market allows certain businesses to specialize in Christian literature. While the American Booksellers Association represents the general book market, the Christian market is represented by the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) and the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA).

Importance of a Christian publisher

A Christian publisher offers Christian authors a unique experience. We comprehend what our authors are writing about and their faith’s significant role in conveying their message. A Christian publisher can ensure that your book is presented in a way that readers of your faith will appreciate and easily comprehend. Ultimately, Christian book publishing is about selling books and providing a unique experience for Christian readers!

Partners in Christian publishing are an excellent resource for authors seeking to reach Christian readers. You will find that most Christian publishers have close ties to local churches, which often provide reviews to effectively market your book by utilizing existing networks within churches across the United States. 

The best Christian publishing companies understand the intricacies of publishing, so they can market your story in ways traditional publishers cannot. Christian publishers can support a diverse range of Christian-based genres, contrary to popular misconceptions. Whether you’re interested in publishing faith-based fiction, nonfiction analysis of Christian topics, or self-help advice, Christian book publishers can help you bring your writing to life. 

But the question is, where can you find the best Christian Publisher?

MindStir Media is an award-winning Christian publisher you can trust with your manuscripts. It has offices in Los Angeles and New York and is endorsed by Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts. MindStir handles every aspect of Christian book publishing, including book cover design, interior layout and formatting, publication in paperback, hardcover, and audiobook formats, distribution, and book marketing and publicity. They provide publishing packages that include the aforementioned elements and up to 100 percent royalties. MindStir Media titles are distributed to over 39,000 retailers, booksellers, and wholesalers in nearly 200 nations. In addition, authors receive mentoring from a New York Times bestseller. Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank is one of MindStir’s partners.

The team of experts at MindStir Media has spent years as a full-service Christian publisher, assisting authors in finding their voice, honing in on the best content for their message, and producing an excellent product that inspires readers around the world. The company has assisted thousands of writers just like you in communicating their faith through writing, and we want to assist you as well.


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