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Why Everyone Loves Short Haired German Shepherd Puppies

The short haired German shepherd is a variation of the popular German shepherd dog breed. While less common than the standard long haired German shepherd, the short haired variety has gained popularity over the years. Short haired German shepherd puppies have distinct traits but share the same intelligence and abilities that make the German shepherd such an outstanding breed.

Where Short Haired German Shepherds Come From

Short haired German shepherds originated from selective breeding of German shepherd dogs carrying the recessive gene for short fur. By breeding two short haired German shepherds, a litter of puppies with short fur coats results. The short haired German shepherd is recognized as a purebred by major kennel clubs.

They Have Shorter Fur Than Standard German Shepherds

As the name implies, short haired German shepherds have shorter hair covering their dense undercoat rather than the longer outer coat of a typical German shepherd. Their fur is around 1-2 inches long over the body. The coat lies flat and closer to the body than that of the long haired variety.

Shorter Fur Makes Them Well-Suited to Warm Climates

Due to their shorter coat, short haired German shepherds handle heat and warmer climates better than German shepherds with longer fur. Their coats still provide protection from rain and cold but don’t cause them to overheat as quickly in high temperatures. This makes them a good choice for those in hot, humid regions.

They Shed Less Frequently

The shorter fur of the short haired German shepherd means they typically don’t shed as heavily as German shepherds with longer coats. They require less frequent brushing to control loose hair, typically only needing a weekly brushing. Overall, short haired German shepherds are lower maintenance in the grooming department.

They Need Just as Much Exercise

While their coat requires less maintenance, short haired German shepherds still need lots of exercise and activity. Expect to provide at least 30-60 minutes of vigorous exercise every day through activities like running, hiking, agility training, or playing fetch. A tired dog is a happy, well-behaved dog.

They Have the Same Trainable Temperament

Aside from the physical coat differences, short haired German shepherds possess the same intelligence, trainability, and loyal personality that makes the German shepherd such an outstanding working dog breed. With proper training and socialization, they excel at various jobs and dog sports.

They Prone to Health Issues Seen in German Shepherds

Like their long haired counterparts, short haired German shepherds are prone to certain health problems found in the breed like hip dysplasia, digestive issues, and degenerative myelopathy. Reputable breeders will test parent dogs to reduce chances of these conditions. Always ask for proof of health testing.

Their Grooming Needs Are Lower

The shorter coat of the short haired German shepherd translates into lower grooming maintenance. Occasional brushing to remove dead hair is typically all that is needed. Bathing and drying them after a bath is faster too. Overall, short haired German shepherds require less grooming time.

They Need Early Socialization and Training

Proper socialization and training starting at a young age is essential for any German shepherd to become a stable, well-adjusted dog. Introduce short haired German shepherd puppies to a wide variety of new sights, sounds, people and animals starting at 7-8 weeks old to build their confidence.

They Make Excellent Working and Companion Dogs

With their shorter coat for easier maintenance, strong work ethic, trainability, and loyal personality, short haired German shepherds excel as police dogs, service dogs, at dog sports, and as family protectors and companions. An active family will find these energetic, intelligent pups to be a great addition to their home.

The Unique Short Haired German Shepherd

In summary, the short haired German shepherd is a unique variation of this popular working breed, possessing a shorter coat while maintaining all the admirable traits of intelligence, trainability and protectiveness. Short haired German shepherd puppies grow into excellent companions and skilled working dogs with proper training and socialization. Their shorter coats also make them ideal for warm weather climates. Learn more on YouTube at

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