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Puppies from our homes could be the Paw Patrol dogs! Does your match the description? 

Paw Patrol

The cute Nickelodeon story called Paw Patrol is one of the most popular stories with animals or pets as main characters, and it’s very important for children all ages to understand the important roles of animals in society. They bring us love, protection, joy and happiness with only a wiggle of their tails! 

Paw Patrol games are extremely popular, and the Nickelodeon characters appear in most of Animal games, dog gams and adventure games which you can find on They have a dedicated Paw Patrol category, filled with games for you to play for free even on your mobile phones and tablets. For those of you who don’t know yet, Paw Patrol is a squad of dogs, with different abilities based on the job they are performing in the Paw city. 

Each dog will have a backpack, and inside the backpack they are going to have special tools and even abilities based on their personality. You will soon learn that each dog, even those from your homes are different. There are plenty of guard dogs which you can think of the Police Paw Patrol character. There are service dogs like Zuma, the water rescuer dog character or even Marshall, the fire dog of the story. 

In real life, you will see that pets from your home will also need help just like the Paw Patrol characters, and that can be seen in the adventure games, in which the kids are going to need to use the A, S, W, D keys in order to make the Paw Patrol characters to move left, right or jump in the 3D simulator games. 

How to make your dog look like a Paw Patrol: 

For the kids that love to dress-up their animals and if they have a dog that already looks like one of the Paw Patrol characters or is just the same breed and they want to go the extra step, we can leave you a few tips of improvements.

You can think of this as a small decoration for your puppy. If you want to make your dog to look like a fire marshal, all you have to do is – have a Dalmatian by default, and you can dress him up with a red blouse, and if you have a birthday party cap that is square and is red or yellow, it will easily look like a fireman’s outfit. 

If you have a german Shepard, you are already one step closer to have a police dog! Ryder is the police officer of the show, and you will see that he is going to have a blue shirt, and a police officer cap on his head, which you can also find a decoration store or a party decoration store, and you can put it in your dog’s head with a rubber or a string so it doesn’t fall. 

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