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Why Did My Disability Claim Get Denied?

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If a condition prevents you from working, you might be considering filing a long-term disability claim. You go through the process of filling out all of the paperwork, and then you realize that your case has been denied. It can be frustrating, but you should not give up. According to Camporese Lalande Disability Lawyers, you should not give up if your case has been denied. You have the right to work with a disability lawyer who can help you appeal your decision. If you want your appeal to be successful, you need to understand some of the most common reasons disability applications get denied.

There Was a Mistake With Your Paperwork

One of the most common reasons disability claims get denied is that there was a mistake with your paperwork. You probably realize that there are a lot of forms that you need to fill out. You are also required to provide a tremendous amount of information about your medical treatment, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes. You can correct these mistakes easily when you appeal the decision, but if you are stressed, you might make more mistakes. If you want to ensure all of your paperwork is filled out correctly, you need to work with a professional who can help you. 

You Didn’t Have the Right Medical Evidence

You cannot simply tell the administration that you need long-term disability benefits. You need to provide them with plenty of medical evidence showing that you require these benefits. Some of the documentation you might need to provide include reports from your doctors’ results from your medical tests and records from the local hospital. You might also need statements from your coworkers, family members, and friends. Your application could be denied if any of your evidence is missing or appears out of order. If you work with a professional, you can ensure all your evidence is in order before you file your application.

You Have Not Been Receiving Consistent Treatment

To prove that you need disability benefits, you need to prove that you are doing everything possible to improve. If the department feels you aren’t doing enough to improve, they may turn your application down. Again, it is not enough to tell them that you have been doing everything you can to get better. You need to show them the evidence that demonstrates you attend your doctor’s appointments regularly. If you are missing appointments for medical treatment, your application could get turned down even if you would otherwise deserve your benefits. Make sure you stay on top of your treatment schedule. 

Reach Out to a Disability Lawyer Who Can Help You

Ultimately, these are just a few reasons why someone’s application for disability benefits might get denied. It is easy to despair if you file for long-term disability benefits only to have your application turned down, but you don’t have to stop the fight. There is a chance that someone may have made a mistake, and if you cannot return to work, you need to reach out to a disability lawyer who can review your case and see if you have the grounds to appeal. The sooner you contact a disability lawyer for help, the faster you can get your application back on track. 

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