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What can I claim if I can’t work?-Instant Disability

Instant Disability

Every individual has the ability to work, and earn money so that he /she can make their living easier.

But, suddenly if this ability to do work becomes inoperative then how will you be able to make your living, and meet your financial goals and obligations? All your dreams will be spoiled within fractions of seconds if you suddenly go through any illness, accident, or injury which can cause disability of any type.

Disability not only seizes the earning opportunities in your life but also makes you more dependent on others particularly financially and physically.

What and how can you claim if you can’t work?

Firstly, you need to buy disability insurance policy by INSTANT DISABILITY. The policy can be of short-term, long-term, or of any type you want it to be as per your needs and financial security requirements.

The policy can be individually owned or in some cases provided by the employer like in group disability insurance.

Proceeding further – the basic and sole objective of the insurance services provided by INSTANT DISABILITY is to provide monthly income which will act like a substitute income from your regular or any kind of job . Through this claimed income you can bear the cost of your treatment, illness or of hospitalization, can run your monthly expenses very easily, and meet your financial obligations and other requirements.

As people have claimed their insurance over the period of time they have found it to be of great importance as the disability doesn’t affect your income and as seen in most of the cases in the absence of disability insurance you might face bankruptcy or financial indebtedness.

It is generally estimated that around 60% of your lost income can be claimed through the policy by INSTANT DISABILITY. In addition to this the inflation factor is also kept in mind which is alternatively called as cost of living adjustment. This means that with the increasing rate of inflation the claim amount will also increase over the period of time.

Now comes the insurance claiming part – INSTANT DISABILITY has kept the process of claiming very easy and simple with less technicalities , terms and conditions. On behalf of the insurance policy holder anyone from the family can initiate the process of claiming the insurance through online or offline methods as provided by INSTANT DISABILITY. One needs to submit the hospital bills as a reference plus the medical board certificate is required in which disability or its type is mentioned.

One of the interesting thing about INSTANT DISABILITY is that the waiting period is of very short duration so that, financial help can be forwarded to the insurance policy holder as soon as possible.

Through the policy of INSTANT DISABILITY very importantly you are claiming your living by keeping your income sources alive through the disability insurance. The claim amount forwarded by the company to you will come out with many benefits like – it will help you in your recovery period. At last you will find yourself in the safe zone and the uncertainties will not even affect you and your life. And yes, INSTANT DISABILITY has and will provide best claims to their customers so that your problems will be solved for once and all.

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