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Why Deliveroo Raised $275m in funding and Why Online Takeaway Ordering Service is a Great Idea

You have heard of Deliveroo right ? The food takeaway delivering company taking over the world now, a unicorn, with $275M in funding by investors. What makes this company so special ? Why is it working so well and why is it able to raise this amount of money in funding ?

Sometimes the office canteen food is not what we want and sometimes we are so famished and tired to cook after a long day of hard work. We need that food so quick and have no other option than to order online from a restaurant. Many restaurants have a website, but the lineup for an online takeaway ordering service is still slow. Many restaurants simply don’t realize the advantages to using these services, and therefore aren’t exploring the option. However, restaurants who are using the services are excited for its advantages.

  1. Customer Convenience

The convenience of the customer must be the first priority on every restaurant’s list. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 69% of customers are ordering their food online through mobile apps. Customers are starting to order when it’s most convenient for them, whether it’s on the way out of the office, on the bus, or whenever the need for food arises. In a get-it-now society, it’s important for every business to be as responsive and fast as possible. An app that caters to the “now” mentality will naturally gain more customers than one that requires customers to call in an order.

  1. Reduction in Misunderstandings

When a customer can order food online, there are no lines, no waiting, and the order is entered electronically. There is less room for mistakes in translation between the customer and the cook. All details are specified by the customer, so if that customer wants extra mayonnaise on the side, there is less chance that the mayonnaise will be on the sandwich. Keeping with the “now” mentality, people are also able to get what they want when they want it, with fewer mistakes. This saves everyone’s time in returning food, refunds, and customer complaints.

  1. Ordering Online is Always Open

We are a busy society. At times, a typical day doesn’t end until after midnight. When a customer is rushing through a day and forgets to call to place an important catering order, an online ordering app is a smart go-to. In fact, businesses that allow customers to order any time, day or night, generate more business than those who have set, brick-and-mortar hours. Customers need to have the ability to order at all hours.

  1. Client Attraction

It may seem like common sense that online ordering will attract more customers, but it is worth mentioning because it is an advantage consistently enjoyed by restaurants. Allowing customers to control when and how they order food will make them happy, and happy customers talk to their friends. Restaurants who make their ordering systems convenient and accessible day or night will enjoy a growing customer base.

  1. Managing Menus and Advertising

Advertising and managing an online menu are both more cost effective and easier than old fashioned fliers or paper menus. Electronic changes and online advertising are faster and cheaper. Additionally, most people are no longer looking at fliers. They are searching for the online menu to the restaurant which was just advertised on their social media outlet of choice. Alternatively, customers are searching “Restaurants near me” on their mobile devices, then searching websites to find their favorite meals. The fact that electronic advertising and menus are cheaper to maintain is a bonus for restaurants. It’s also easy to add an online ordering app to the website, to keep customers coming back for convenience.

  1. Money Management

When a restaurant allows customers to order online, the phones ring less, allowing employees to be more productive in other areas of the restaurant. A customer no longer has to call to find out what is on the menu, what the specials are, or any other menu information. It’s all available on the website. Additionally, restaurant employees won’t need to place a follow up call, because the app sends the customer a confirmation in real time. This saves money in employee production and time distribution. With the accuracy of the app, refunds are also reduced.

  1. Quicker Delivery Service

Deliveroo and other online food delivery companies have made this service so simplified that you get your food within minutes of ordering. The mobility of delivering staff who ride on bicycles and motor bikes makes the whole process so smooth and easy.

We all like to have our food ready especially when that heavy hunger comes and we like to be where the money is. There is always a need for a services like Deliveroo and since it is making money, investors will always be interested in a business like this. So if you have an idea like this and you are looking for how to start, or finding investors, Follow our daily Fintech tips and investors contacts.

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