Why Choose Onroad as Your Driving Instructor

Nothing is more exciting than being behind the wheel when traveling. While public transport is a pleasant choice in busy cities, waiting an hour for a bus or rental in the cold is certainly not. It is more chaotic when you have to drop by a shop for a minute or go somewhere close. On the other hand, self-driving allows traveling without relying on anyone else. However, this skill demands responsibility; you must keep yourself and others around you safe. And for that, you would need to be well-taught in it. 

Want to drive, but the thought alone gives you jitters? Do you need a car to practice and master the skill? Or is a particular maneuver obstructing you from getting the license that allows you to travel yourself? Well, whatever it is, we have a solution for you! At Onroad, we offer private lessons and are always willing to level up your driving skills.

Please keep reading the article to learn more about Onroad and what makes us a perfect partner for you!

Reasons That Make Onroad Different Than Others

Knowing how to drive is no longer a frill! You only need to learn this skill once to carry it throughout your lifetime. However, picking the best service provider is challenging as various schools and institutes promise apt driving lessons.

The Onroad, our renowned and award-winning driving school, is committed to offering comprehensive and seamless training that brushes up your road rules and techniques and reduces fatalities risk. We deliver theory and practical lessons to anyone looking for dependable service all over Sydney. Some of the features that make us reliable and distinct us from others include:

1. Range of Driving Courses

Do you want to learn the skills that keep you safe behind the wheel? We have been working to create safer and more responsible drivers. We help beginners and amateurs transform into skilled and assured drivers with various courses that are sure to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for corporate and advanced driving lessons, older driver assessments, learner programs, or an NDIS disability course, you can count on us!

The Onroad can give you a hand in mastering this skill. We are an accredited provider of the Safer Driver Course, introduced by the NSW Government in 2013. We educate young learner drivers under the age of 25 years with supervised lessons. The course aims to make you aware of safe and defensive driving methods. Further, we ensure our services comply with road rules and regulations.

2. Professional Trainers

Our company is home to over 50 RMS- and RTS-certified instructors with authentic Working with Children’s Check and NDIS accreditation. Most of our instructors are multi-lingual and can communicate fluently in English. They will pick you up from the furnished location and give lessons in dual-controlled vehicles to ease your mind.

We can equip you with immaculate strategies, including highway merging, parallel parking, improving gear changes, driving near cyclists and motorcyclists, or whatever part you need to polish. Our trainers will provide exclusive training in only a few weeks! Further, they will happily fill you in with practical tips and impart tactics to care better for your vehicle.

3. Driver Knowledge Test

We put forward extensive services to help you in any and every way when it comes to driving. You can also apply for the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) to obtain your license and earn the freedom to hop into your car and roam wherever you desire. It is an online test and the first stage you must pass to possess a driver’s license. There are 45 questions, out of which you must answer 41 correctly.

The Onroad presents mock tests and significant revision materials to prepare you for DKT. We also offer practical driving tests to check and evaluate your performance after the training sessions. Rest assured, as we streamline the test booking process and brace you to surmount them in no time.

4. Customer Satisfaction

We believe in superior education and endeavor to build positive relationships with our clients. We are grateful to our customers who motivate us to perform better; hence, we leave them with a splendid experience and no complaints. You can choose between our automatic and manual driving lessons and expect a friendly yet professional experience.

Approximately 1 to 2 hours of driving classes are the best. Our instructors offer plenty of time to learn without feeling overwhelmed. Moreover, our 3-for-1 lessons allow you to record 3 hours of supervised training into your logbook, which further aids in acquiring a license.

5. Online Courses

Does your busy schedule prevent you from enrolling in a driving lesson? No problem; we have your back! You need not exhaust yourself by stepping outside your abode. Our Driving Instructor offers multiple online courses that you can finish from the comfort of your home.

Our comprehensive online lessons span several tricky and must-to-know topics and address the pain points you may encounter. You can learn according to your schedule and availability. A few of our offerings are a driver safety course, suspended license course, highway driving course, defensive driving course, skilled driver course, and workplace safety course, among others. That is not it! We applaud your efforts with a Certificate of Completion at the end.

6. Flexible Schedule

The Onroad serves Sydney and all nearby suburbs seven days a week. Booking a schedule with us is as easy as it can get. You can give us a call or make an appointment directly from our website. You can select the package and trainer per your suitability to finalize the course.

We are available on weekends as well to help you with the lessons. You can easily book our service per your schedule and convenience, and we will be pleased to commence the process. We work at your pace to fill your log book and help you tackle all sorts of eventualities and plights on the road.

7. Competitive Pricing

It is safe to deduce that we can assist you in every aspect of driving. Whether you find it stressful to glide your car on highways or recently have your license suspended, we can guide you through all to mitigate road risks.

We focus on furnishing quality services at reasonable and cheap prices. Therefore, if the thought of rates and budget has you hesitating, rest easy! At Onroad, we have custom packages to help you master a particular skill or learn driving from scratch, all accessible at well-positioned and budget-friendly prices. In addition, you can avail of our ultimate dollar value vouchers to save money when buying lessons as a package.


Driving exposes you and the others nearby to risk. Around 20 to 50 million people suffer from non-fatal injuries, while most incur a disability. Besides severe accidents, wrong-way accidents and traffic collisions are also quite common. A wrong-way accident occurs when a driver operates their vehicle in the wrong direction, while collision implies hitting another vehicle, animal, or pedestrian.

No one would like to be a part of an unfavorable incident, especially one you could avoid by attaining adequate training. At Onroad, we are all about delivering excellent and focused driving training. You can bid farewell to all your fears and gain the necessary knowledge.

Don’t let your age and experience restrict you from becoming a proficient driver. Our excellent courses teach you how to stay calm when driving and avoid accidents. What are you waiting for, then? Book your driving lessons with Onroad today!


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