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Why Bitcoin breaking $30,000 has been good for Script Networks Presale

In recent years, Bitcoin (BTC) has emerged as a highly volatile asset that has attracted the attention of investors and traders worldwide. Bitcoin breaking the $30,000 mark has caused a surge in interest and optimism among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. One such platform that has benefited from the surge of Bitcoin is Script Network (SCPT)

However, the recent surge in Bitcoin price has proved to be a game-changer for Script Networks’ presale, which has greatly benefited from the increased demand from investors seeking to diversify their portfolios.

This article will explore why Bitcoin breaking $30,000 has been great for Script Networks’ presale.


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Script Network (SCPT): Transforming Content Consumption with Blockchain Technology 

Script Network (SCPT) is a company with a bold vision to transform how people consume content. Their goal is to provide users with unprecedented access, opportunities, and benefits that have never been seen before on any other content platform.

SCPT is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and is committed to leveraging the power of blockchain technology to create a truly revolutionary viewing experience. But SCPT’s vision continues beyond there.

As Script Network continues to grow and scale, its ultimate mission is to build a suite of products within the Script blockchain that will enable the development of dApps, partnerships, and APIs, all designed to enhance the viewing experience for their users.

Script Network is the first to integrate live television onto the blockchain, allowing viewers to access their favorite channels and programs easily. With their innovative use of NFTs, gifts, and tokens, users can earn rewards and access exclusive content through the watch-to-earn model.


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Script Network’s (SCPT) Presale: Disrupting Live Streaming and Offering Investment Potential

Script Network (SCPT) is a new project with a unique vision for disrupting the live-streaming industry. The platform’s innovative approach to incentivizing users with rewards as they watch live TV is a game-changer for both the GameFi and SocialFi industries.

The presale has been a critical part of Script Network’s (SCPT) growth strategy, allowing the project to raise funds to develop its web3 products and expand its user base. The recent surge in Bitcoin’s value has helped to drive up the value of Script Network’s presale tokens, making them an attractive investment opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The surge in demand for cryptocurrencies increased the value of Script Networks’ presale tokens. This increase in token value allowed the startup to raise more funds during its presale, which was critical for developing its platform.

Script Network’s presale has shown promising results during its Alpha round, with over 15,540,600 tokens sold. With such an impressive start, experts predict SCPT will dominate the GameFi industry, making it a highly attractive investment opportunity. 

Bitcoin’s (BTC) Soaring Value Boosts Script Networks Presale Funding.

Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized currency that operates on a peer-to-peer network and is not controlled by any central authority or institution. Bitcoin payments are recorded on a public ledger known as the blockchain, making it an open and secure currency.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price increase to over $30,000 has drawn increased attention and investment, fueling the growth of the cryptocurrency industry and paving the way for exciting new developments in blockchain technology, such as Script Networks’ presale project.

Bitcoin’s performance breaking the $30,000 barrier has been good for Script Network’s presale, creating excitement and attracting significant attention. With its innovative project and promising results during its Alpha round, Script Network is emerging as one of the most promising cryptocurrencies, offering a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.

How To Buy Script Network tokens (SCPT)

Step 1:

The First Step Is To Ensure You Have MetaMask and an associated wallet.

For Desktop:

We Recommend Using MetaMask Browser Plugin For Chrome, Brave Or Firefox.

For Mobile:

We Recommend Using Metamask And Connecting Through The In Built Browser.

 Step 2:

Once You Have Metamask Ready, Click “Connect Wallet” And Select The Appropriate token you wish to buy in. For Mobile Wallet Apps You Will Need To Select “Metamask”.

You Will Then Have 4 Options to buy through ETH, BNB, USDT or BUSD:


Make sure you have enough ETH/BNB in your MetaMask wallet to complete the transaction. For ETH transactions, we recommend to have at least $10 worth of ETH (If you don’t have enough ETH please transfer ETH from any crypto exchange to your wallet address.)

Now you can swap ETH or BNB to SCPT. Click on Buy ETH or BNB icon, enter desired amount of ETH you want to swap for SCPT and click Buy Now. MetaMask will ask you to confirm the transaction and will also show you the cost of gas.

Remember ETH/BNB is also used in gas fees for the transaction so don’t use max button while buying with ETH or BNB


Make sure you have USDT for the amount you wish to purchase SCPT tokens in your MetaMask Wallet. We recommend to have at least $10 worth of ETH for gas fees (If you don’t have enough ETH/BNB please transfer ETH from any crypto exchange to your wallet address.)

Now you can swap USDT or BUSD to SCPT. Click on the USDT or BUSD icon on the presale page, enter desired amount of USDT you want to swap for SCPT and click Buy Now. You will then be asked to approve the purchase TWICE. The first approval is for the USDT/BUSD contract and the second is for the transaction amount. Please ensure you go through both approval steps in order to complete the transaction.

Remember ETH or BNB will still be required to approve and confirm the transaction as gas fees for ethereum network, so always have at least $10 worth of ETH/BNB in your wallet.

 Buy SCPT With Card

Although this option is not visible on our website, new DeFi users can purchase SCPT with credit/debit card as well. (No verification or KYC is needed for this process)

Visit this will allow you to purchase ETH that will be sent to your wallet. You will then be able to use this ETH to purchase RENQ.

Visit to begin and follow the on screen steps. We recommend purchasing a minimum of $10 worth of ETH to cover the all expenses including gas fees to buy SCPT.

Once you have acquired ETH, you can buy SCPT using the same wallet.

 Step 3:

You Can Now Check Your Bought SCPT Tokens Onondaga the right hand side of the presale page where it will say ‘Ordered Tokens’. These tokens will then be claimable prior to launch through the same wallet address used on the week of launch.

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