Meet Sergey Chekriy, Chief Technical Officer at I-CHAIN, The Global Insurance Platform

Sergey is the CTO of I-CHAIN, a global Insurance platform built on Blockchain Technology, with the aim to provide fair and affordable insurance products worldwide and to build a platform allowing anyone to launch own insurance products. In this interview, Sergey will be telling us more about the technical side of the I-CHAIN platform.

1) What can you tell us about yourself and your specific functions on the I-Chain project as the CTO?

My name is Sergey Chekriy. I am the CTO of I-CHAIN, the innovative insurance platform.

I am focused on the technical side of I-CHAIN platform. For instance, the platform architecture, its design and constant improvement are on me.

2) Tell us more about the technical aspects of I-Chain and give us more insights into the I-Chain architecture?

Please have a look at the sketch of our Platform architecture:

Our Insurance Platform consists of 4 layers. The first layer is Ethereum network where insurance products are designed as smart contracts. To perform smart contract logic and service functions the next layer exists – Product logic backend, where micro-services matching smart contracts reside. Ethereum and Product logic backend talk to each other via Oraclize interface. The next layer – Processing – ensures common functionality of all insurance products, application service Insurance Services provides set of methods which are common for all insurance products and also needed by Blockchain Platform for Insurance-related products. Draft preview A Paper Published by The Glass Cube Group 17 CRM and BPM. At the same time CRM-backend is responsible for data storage (not shown here to simplify picture) and customers service functions. BMP holds processes within system (like products sales, claim processing etc.) and connected with CRM. Both CRM and BPM are using Insurance Services. Next layer – Channels – provides different channels to talk with the platform, channel can have UI (web, mobile applications), or do not have it (API). Channel can be “old-school” like Contact Centre or innovative like IOT device interface. List of channels is not final, it will grow.

Moreover, Platform Architecture is not made in stone, it can grow, change and improve in the course of time.

3) What is your target market for I-Chain and what plans do you have in place to reach this goal?

Our target market is the whole insurance industry worldwide. Our platform resides on Ethereum network, which is global and architecture we developed allows us not to limit our solution geographically. First products will be launched on the platform already in Q4 2018 and it will help clearly demonstrate platform features.

4) How good are your security and data protection?

Of course, when new technology is used, risks exist, but we use the best technologies available to limit it.

All key information about customers, insurance contracts, and transactions will be stored in the blockchain.

I can also add a little bit outside of your questions context – when data is shared by multiple parties (placements and claims), the ability to access a single and real-time resource of data will change the ways insurers manage and finance risk.

5) Tell us more about user experience on the I-CHAIN platform, how good is your support team to make sure customers and clients are served well?

We created a special Telegram Group “I-CHAIN Community” where people can put questions directly to the team. We are always ready to help customers and partners. To join the group click the link below:

For products we will launch on the platform already in Q4 2018 we will create dedicated support teams.

When the first products on the platform will be launched in Q4 2018, we will introduce all channels – web, telegram, e-mail to provide technical support.

6) Do you have more information for our readers?

To learn more information about the technological aspects of the platform, please, read the Whitepaper.

Join us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram channel.

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