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Who plays Tracy Quartermaine on General Hospital?

Following Dr. Monica Quartermaine, Luke Spencer, Laura Spencer, and Scott Baldwin as the longest-running characters on the show, Tracy Quartermaine is currently in fifth place. Despite the character not being seen since 2017, Tracy Quartermaine is still a fan favorite on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Who is Tracy Quartermaine on General Hospital?

Edward Quartermaine and Lila Morgan Quartermaine’s daughter Tracy is a wealthy, spoiled, and frequently misbehaving young lady.

According to SoapAsk Ned Quartermaine (also known as Ned Ashton) and Dillon Quartermaine are two of her sons. Lucky Spencer and Ethan Lovett are two of her stepsons, and Lulu Spencer is a stepdaughter. Over 30 years, Tracy’s plots frequently revolved around disputes with her sister-in-law, Dr. Monica Quartermaine, her vain attempts to find love, her determination to advance in ELQ and the family business, and her efforts to outwit relatives who had previously attempted to unseat her or her sons from ELQ or her father’s favor.

What happened to Tracy Quartermaine on General Hospital?

Tracy was initially depicted as a vivacious socialite who concealed her cunning nature, but her brother and parents recognized that as a lie and forewarned her sister-in-law Monica. Although outwardly friendly, Tracy could be snobbish on occasion, though that trait emerged later in life rather than in her early years in Port Charles. Despite Tracy’s attempts to mend fences with her father Edward, Alan Quartermaine, Tracy’s brother, was still considered Edward’s favorite child. Tracy has significantly matured in recent years, displaying her maternal side with her children Ned and Dillon as well as stepdaughter Lulu, helping her sister-in-law Monica through various difficulties, and making female characters her friends after not having any female friends when she was younger.

Martin left the city to see his mother on January 28, 2022.

On April 15, Laura told Lucy that when Martin comes back to town the following week, he will be thrilled to see her.

Who plays Tracy Quartermaine on General Hospital— Meet a veteran actress Jane Elliot

Tracy Quartermaine is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She is portrayed by actress Jane Elliot, who created the part in 1978 and has intermittently filled it ever since. She has mostly been seen on GH, but she also made a brief appearance on The City from 1996 to 1997. Elliot received a nomination in 1993 and went on to win the Daytime Emmy for best supporting actress in 1980. While Jane Elliot was on maternity leave in 1989, Christine Jones temporarily filled the position. Following Dr. Monica Quartermaine, Luke Spencer, Laura Spencer, and Scott Baldwin as the longest-running characters on the show, Tracy Quartermaine is currently in fifth place.

American actress Jane Elliot was born on January 17, 1947, and is best known for playing Tracy Quartermaine in the ABC daytime drama General Hospital.


Elliot made guest appearances in several prime-time television series with episodic seasons, including The Mod Squad, Kojak, Barnaby Jones, and Police Woman. In 1977, she starred in the NBC series Rosetti and Ryan, which was only produced for a short time.

In 1969’s Change of Habit, which starred Elvis Presley, Mary Tyler Moore, and Barbara McNair, and 1972’s One Is a Lonely Number, Elliot also made cameo appearances. Elliot made appearances in the 1987 motion pictures Some Kind of Wonderful and Baby Boom.

For the wedding of Alan and Monica, Tracy, the cunning daughter of Edward and Lila Quartermaine, arrived in Port Charles in 1978. We have grown to like Tracy, who is a divorcee with a young son named Ned (who is away at boarding school). Tracy is determined to always command attention at social gatherings.

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