Which Monitor Screen is Good for Eyes? Best Monitor Settings for Eye Strain

Today, people all over the globe spend more time in front of the screens than ever before. This long hour of screen time can cause eye strain, especially among gamers and other professionals who spend the whole day in front of their monitors. Therefore, we need to keep eye strain in mind while choosing a monitor.

So what makes a monitor good for the eyes?

You have to keep in mind the multiple factors and settings while choosing the computer screen. A monitor having a curved, high–resolution, ergonomic design and blue lights filters are the best monitor for eyes.

Similarly, you have to adopt eye-friendly monitor setting such as optimal brightness, contrast, and RGB.

So let’s further dig into these factors and setting one by one.

Factors That Make Monitor Screen Good For Your Eyes


The size of the computer screen is a key factor. You cannot ignore it at any cost. The size of the computer screen is important in many other aspects also that are other than the comfort of the eyes.

If you will pick the larger screen size then you can easily see the details of the content without any strain on your eyes.

You have to choose the size of the computer screen with keep in mind the space available. So we recommend that the size of 27-inches to 42-inches is a better range with their price and multiple other factors.

You can feel even no strain on your eyes with this suitable range of sizes of the computer screen.

Panel Type

There are certain types of panels that are suitable for the computer screen to cause fewer effects on the eyes. In which VA, QLED, and OLED are included.

Both VA and QLED have a better quality display to make a feasible environment for the eyes. Both of them will display black in a better way than the IPS display panel which gives the gray shade in black color.

But we have the best pick of OLED panels for the computer screens. OLED panels have an excellent image position, a feasible balance of colors, and a super display of black. This is a suitable setting for the display without misusing the brightness to make a healthy environment for the eyes.


The resolution of the computer screen is another important factor to be considered for eyes. A computer screen with a higher resolution is way better for your eyes.

It will cause less drastic effects on your eyes. You should go for at least a 1440p resolution. It is a kind of threshold resolution for your eyes. Below this level of resolution, there will be multiple harmful effects on the eyes.

If you can afford to pay more then go for a computer screen with a higher screen resolution than 1440p.

Refresh Rate 

The refresh rate of the panel reflects how fast the panel refreshes the image in a second. It is better for your eyes to pick a panel with a higher refresh rate. It will cause less strain on your eyes.

The refresh rate of 75hz is suitable for the eyes. But you should try to go for a higher refresh rate. You definitely want to produce soothing effects for your eyes. So it is better to practice to go for a refresh rate of around 144hz.

Viewing Angles

It is an obvious situation to use the computer screen while sitting right in front of the computer screen. But maybe you are not in a situation to keeps you sitting in front of a screen.

You want to see the screen from an angle while doing any of the other routine tasks then you need a comfortable view from sides angles too.

You are in need of wider viewing angles to see the screen from an angle with no strain on your eyes.  It is obvious that you need wider angles of almost around 170 degrees.

Eye Care Technology

You can consider the multiple other factors for choosing a computer screen which is suitable for your eyes. But you still need the addition of a few eye-care technologies to make it healthy for the eyes.

A blue light filter is a much-needed addition to a computer screen because of the harmful effects of blue light on the eyes.

On the other hand, flicker-free technology is needed to create less strain on your eyes.

Brightness control

It entirely depends on your working environment. If you are working where continuous light variations are happening then you need a computer screen that can automatically adjust the brightness level.

It is better for you to work with a suitable brightness level so there is no strain or any other effect that can happen to your eyes.

FreeSync and G-Sync

There are two important features of FreeSync and G-Sync. Both of them are responsible for reducing or eliminating the screen tearing and stuttering effects.

You can achieve the maximum level of refresh rate due to the FreeSync feature.

Both of them will combine to give smooth results. So you will not feel any strain on your eyes.

Sings of eyesight are affected by using the unsuitable monitor screen.

We are explaining below the few symptoms of eyes that are affected by the computer screen.

Tiredness of eyesight

If you feel any of them like tearing, itching, or blurring of eyes then your eyes are affected by the usage of a computer screen.

These symptoms can emerge suddenly or with an interval.


If you will force your eyes to focus on something for a long time then your eyes will get tired and you may feel a headache.

It can take you to complete blindness after some time if you will not go for a proper cure.

Tips to reduced effects of the computer screen on eyesight.

Suitable screen selection

You should select the most feasible computer screen for your setup to eliminate eyesight effects.

Time factor

You should avoid continuous usage of a computer screen for a long time. You should take a break from work after regular intervals of time.


It is required to use the brightness level of the computer screen according to your environment’s lighting conditions.


It is a better practice to save your eyes from rays by keeping a suitable distance from a computer screen.

Night mode 

If you are using the computer screen in a dark room or at night then use the night mode feature to protect your eyes.


When you will select a computer screen for your setup, keep in mind the most important factors for eyes comfort.

You should not hesitate to pay more for the comfort of your eyes. Maybe after losing the eye vision, you could not be able to take it back by spending the same amount.

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