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Statistics show that even the legacy financial institutions are incorporating financial technology in their operations. Some are doing so by collaborating with fintech startups while others are developing their own capabilities. What this means for the financial job market is that a demonstrable proficiency in fintech will soon be a job requirement. You may be having experience with fintech but you need a certificate to demonstrate this to prospective employers. If you are already employed, a certificate in financial technology will go a long way in earning you the promotion that you have been hoping to get. Hence, you might need this information on fintech courses and fintech exams online.

Certificate in Finance and Technology (CFT) is the place to get this useful certification. CFT is a professional body that runs a programme that will ensure you are trained, examined and certified online. The course is suitable for professionals who are desirous of deepening and widening their knowledge in finance and technology. CFT focuses on producing innovators in financial technology. Indeed, to become an innovator during this age of big data is not a simple thing; it requires specialized skills and training.

As a market leader, CFT works to influence the design of the latest financial technology platforms. CFT’s tutors are both leaders in technology innovation and industry practitioners. They focus on equipping graduates with real-world insights as well as a practical understanding of fintech with a view to turning them into market leaders.

Once you enroll on the programme, you will be given all the support that you need to understand the course and eventually pass the exam. For instance, you will get video lectures through CFT’s cloud-based platform, Learning Management System (LMS). The platform allows you to access learning materials anytime and anywhere using an iOS or android app. So if you are already working, you need not get concerned that enrolling on the CFT may interfere with your work schedules. Additionally, you will be given access to e-books to deepen your understanding where necessary.

CFT’s aim is to impart knowledge, have you successfully complete the course and get certification. To get certification, you need to pass an examination. CFT helps you pass your exam by testing your knowledge at the end of each module. More importantly, upon registration, you will have a free access to a data science and machine learning webinar and an enterprise security webinar. These webinars are intended to expose you to emerging issues that may not possibly be part of the syllabus. Exams are taken anywhere online with invigilation taking place remotely through a webcam.

CFT is highly regarded in the market with several partnerships and accreditations by highly respected professional bodies. In short, CFT will help you to:

  • Develop a strong foundation through a thorough understanding of the banking process, the role of technology in banking and your role within the wider industry.
  • Become an innovator through mentorship by its tutors who are themselves innovators and industry leaders in financial technology.
  • Send a message to your current or prospective employer that you are serious about your career. A lot of time and energy required to complete a CFT course and only a person who is serious about their career development can sustain it.
  • Progress in your career as the skills gained is likely to lead to a position of increased responsibility.

CFT programme is divided into 3 levels each of which has 6 modules. Some of the modules include:

  1. Project management
  2. Business analysis
  3. Software engineering
  4. Payments and cryptocurrency
  5. Data science
  6. Asset management
  7. Cloud computing

You can enroll on CFT here

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