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10 Places To Study Fintech Courses Online.

Last year, worldwide investment in financial technology totalled US$22.3 billion. As global investment in the fintech market continues to increase, taking fintech courses Online will help you understand and enter the fintech industry. Through classes, you may connect with many start-ups and incumbents alike. The courses will not only give you a free ticket for fintech jobs but also offers you a good understanding of the industry. The following are 10 places to study fintech courses online.

1) MIT

MTI offers a fintech certification course known as ‘Future Commerce’. The online course provides an expert look at fintech opportunity and trends that shape the future of commerce and transactions. The course offers students with the opportunity to select their own specialization. Under MIT tutor’s guidance, students develop their own business case, venture roadmap or venture plan.

2)  Columbia FinTech

Columbia FinTech provides students with opportunities to study various sectors within fintech. It offers courses such as Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Financial Services, Digital investing, Entrepreneurship for the New Technology, and Using Big Data to Develop Public Policy.

3) Blockchain University

Blockchain University offers a unique platform for talent development, ideation and education for the global blockchain ecosystem. Through hackathons, demo events, and public & private training, the platform allows corporations and start-ups to initiate great blockchain innovations.

4) Open University

Open University offers an online course known as ‘Understanding financial technologies’. In this e-learning course, students learn how digital technologies are shaping and disrupting the future of financial services. Studying this course will allow you to have a basic understanding of the challenges and opportunities in Fintech.

5) FinTech School

FinTech School offers online courses taught by industry experts for entrepreneurs and financial professionals. Courses focus on definite fields like the Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Alternative Lending (P2P) and more.

6) Innovative Finance

Innovative Finance corroborates with Open University to offer FinTech 101 course. FinTech 101 provides students with the opportunity to understand the origins of fintech and factors that have led to its creation and influence. Importantly, it offers insights into how FinTech is pushing boundaries and shaping finance.

7) Brandeis University

Brandeis University offers a program that is developed specifically for the FinTech entrepreneurs. The program enables students to create leading-edge financial solutions using technologies, shape financial technology innovations and apply financial theories to build technology solutions that solve business problems. To be admitted in this program, applicants should have an undergraduate degree in finance/business or technology.

8) Udemy

Udemy offers Fintech Basics, a simple and short course that is designed for fintech beginners of any kind. The course is comprehensive and enables students to gain the necessary fintech knowledge

9) The Certificate in Finance Technology (CFT)

CFT is suitable for people looking to expand their understanding of both technology and finance. This course is the benchmark qualification for individuals working in technology roles for financial services. Exams are taken anywhere online with invigilation taking place remotely through a webcam. Visit the CFT website for more information.

10) University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia offers Digital Currencies online course. The course covers both a technical overview of decentralized digital currencies, as well as their broader legal, financial and economic context. Certificates are given to people who complete the course.

For more information about any listed places to study fintech online, please visit their respective websites. If you know any place that should be on our list, send an email to us or make a comment below.

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