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When Should You Replace Your Switchboards


Because your switchboard is the primary hub for your home’s electrical circuits, it may be extremely aggravating and dangerous when it fails to function correctly. Fortunately, a malfunctioning switchboard can be easily repaired.

Whether in your house or a commercial setting, frequent safety inspections are required to ensure that your facility is up to code and that you are providing an utterly safe atmosphere. Regular inspections can help you save money and guarantee that everything is in working order.

So, how do you understand and recognise if you should start thinking about upgrading? There are usually a few telltale signals that it’s time to replace your switchboard. From strange odours to flickering lights, problems with your switchboard can rapidly become a safety danger, so it’s better to be cautious than put yourself in any sort of danger.

10 Warning Signs to Replace Your Switchboard

1. An Overburdened Board

Overloading your switchboard poses a considerable safety risk and can cause problems for more than just your appliances. Locate and inspect your switchboard. If you hear a low humming, a jumble of cords, or that it’s overcrowded, you should consider upgrading.

2. Lights that Flicker 

Flashing lights are most likely the result of an overloaded switchboard. Your switchboard may not be able to monitor and manage energy flow if it has too many circuits or is an outdated type, resulting in surges or flickering lights.

3. Circuits Continue to Trip

Old switchboards cannot meet the demands of modern equipment. Suppose you notice constant tripping of your boards, especially when plugging in a specific appliance. In that case, you should hire a local electrician in Dandenong to inspect your equipment and switchboard.

4. Fuses that have Melted

Checking your switchboard for problems is always a brilliant idea. Melted or burnt-out fuses are an obvious indication of damage or overloading and should get replaced as soon as feasible.

5. It Occasionally Sparks.

Sparks are dangerous, and something is wrong if your switchboard begins to ignite often. In this scenario, don’t think twice about contacting your residential electrician immediately and getting it fixed with the right electrical solutions.

6. Ceramic Fuses are Still Used in Your Switchboard.

Ceramic fuses are an outmoded technology that offers little protection against fire. Ceramic fuses are no longer permitted to be put in residences in the state of Victoria due to this concern. It is critical to replace your fuses with newer, safer models.

7. You have Asbestos Behind Your Switchboard

Switchboards were constructed of asbestos until 2004. However, we now understand that asbestos poses a considerable health risk. If you suspect asbestos, contact a specialist immediately and make sure it gets replaced to prevent asbestos particles from becoming airborne.

8. Your Board Lacks a Safety Switch.

Safety switches are a vital must. In the event of an electrical fault, they automatically turn off the power. As a result, you and your home will get protected from an electrical fire, electric shock, injury, or even death.

They are an excellent home defence system in a fire, electrical catastrophe, or natural disaster. Most modern circuit boards will have an emergency safety switch.

9. Old Switchboards

Switchboards over 20 years old are more prone to require switchboard repairs. Electricians will conduct an electrical safety examination to look for possible problems and, if necessary, correct them. A commercial electrician may recommend upgrading the system if the switchboard is too old or the repairs are prohibitively expensive.

10. Burning Smell

If burning scents or strange odours coming from the switchboard, this usually signifies a problem. These odours emerge from corroded cables, faulty wiring, and electrical overloads. The electrical system must get fixed to prevent fire.

Are Upgrades to Electrical Switchboards Better Than Repairs?

If the current switchboard has failed, an upgrade to an electrical switchboard is an alternative rather than repairing the current system. An outdated switchboard will get replaced with a modern switchboard during an upgrade. All electrical wiring, appliances, and circuits will get appropriately linked to the new switchboard. Here are two reasons why a switchboard upgrade is preferable over switchboard repairs:

1. Costly Repairs

A costly repair could be the case if the current switchboard has experienced considerable damage. It should be indicated if upgrading the existing switchboard is comparable to or less expensive than repairs. Upgrading an ageing switchboard to a newer switchboard is always a good idea, mainly if repairing the current switchboard is costly.

2. Rust

The switchboard may need to get replaced if the rust has eaten away at the metal and other electrical components. You may determine when to upgrade the switchboard based on the amount of rust that has grown.

How to Choose a New Switchboard 

Once you’ve decided it’s time to replace your switchboard, the next step is choosing a new one. There are many different types of switchboards on the market, so it’s essential to research and select the best option for your business. Here are the significant points to remember while choosing a new switchboard: 

  • The number of phone lines and circuits you need. 
  • The amount of power you need. 
  • The type of environment you’ll be using it in (indoor or outdoor). 
  • Whether you need features like surge protection or remote monitoring. 
  • Your budget. 

Connect with Professionals for Better Advice: Direct Point Electrical

Replacing an old switchboard is a crucial decision for any business. A new switchboard will save you money bills and improve your business’s connectivity and protect your equipment from power surges. When choosing a new switchboard, keep the size of your business, budget, and energy needs in mind. Making the switch to a new switchboard today could save you big headaches—and money—down the road. 

Also, consider hiring Dandenong’s trusted electricians who can deal with your switchboard situation correctly. Our direct Point Electrical Pty Ltd. professionals have years of experience handling electrical services. So, if you need to get your switchboards replaced, contact us soon! 

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