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Huawei Deals with Aptoide to Replace Google Play Store

Within a few days after Huawei lost their Android license, the tech giant is preparing for a backup plan to sustain the manufacturing and marketing of their future smartphones. Huawei is not planning to team up with Aptoide, the Portuguese organization who developed the alternative version of the play store from where you can download apps for your Android device. Since the play store will not be available anymore for the future smartphones released by Huawei, the team up will result in Aptoide coming pre-installed in Huawei smartphones or any other alternative app store. Huawei will either integrate Aptoide contents in their app store or Aptoide will come with over 900000 apps available for Huawei phones.

What did Aptoide Say About the Deal?

The news of this team up came directly from Paulo Trezentos, the CEO of Aptoide. However, according to him, the agreement conditions are still under discussion. This will be an interesting opportunity for Huawei to solve their problem with Google. Aptoide has previously worked with smartphone manufacturers like Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi and has an overall user count of 200 million.

Aptoide will also be benefited from this agreement because of their latest problems with Google. You may have heard about the news that Aptoide is recently filing a case against Google since their apps are marked as unsafe and blocked by play store to be installed in Android devices. In short, the collaboration will benefit both the organizations since both of them are under a feud with Google.

Any News for the Developers?

Huawei is already approaching the developers to publish their new applications directly on their own app store. This will act as a bypass for the restrictions which the US Government placed against them.  Although Google claims that apps manufactured by them, like Google Maps, YouTube, Drive, etc will be unavailable at AppGallery, still Huawei claims that by the end of 2018, AppGallery had over 50 million active users. The only hopeful news is that, after a certain time period, the Department of Commerce of the United States will ease the ban and other restrictions, just like they did with ZTE, another Chinese Organization. 

How Will The Blacklist Impact the Users?

Since Huawei was blacklisted, the users are worrying a lot regarding whether they will or will not get any customer support for their products. Already Huawei laptops are becoming less available at Microsoft Store, hinting to the fact that Microsoft is also following the footsteps of Google and others and rolling back support for products manufactured by Huawei.

However, the US government gave a period of 90 days to Huawei, within which they can provide software updates to their users and sustain the existing network. Still, at present and after the relaxation period of 90 days, Huawei is banned to buy American components and parts for manufacturing their new products without proper license and approvals.

If you have an Honor or Huawei device, don’t worry since it was promised that security updates will always be available for your smartphone, until it’s cycle ends. The only thing that the users are eager to learn is that, whether AppGallery, the default app store of Huawei will be replaced by Aptoide. There is a chance still AppGallery’s collection is relatively less. For Android fans like us, we have to still wait a bit to hear the official news.

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