WhatsApp Plus Pros And Cons: What You Need To Know

WhatsApp Plus is a hot topic on the internet. Every person who was using different modes of WhatsApp has switched to WhatsApp Plus. Several other versions of WhatsApp are included, but no one is developed in such a way to attract more users. It is only WhatsApp Plus that has attracted thousands of users itself.

Now WhatsApp Plus is the talk of the town. Every second person has installed WhatsApp Plus on his smartphone. Thanks to its developer, who developed this app and made it public for users. People complaining about limited features in WhatsApp can install WhatsApp Plus to get countless other features.

There are some things in WhatsApp Plus that you need to know. WhatsApp Plus is available on numerous websites, but is the trusted source to download, install and use this app on your smartphone. But there are some things in WhatsApp Plus that you must consider before installing it on your smartphone. 

Everything has some PROS and CONS. There is no single thing, online or offline, that comes without CONS. So WhatsApp Plus is also a service used on the web. It has some PROS and CONS which I will mention. 

WhatsApp Plus PROS and CONS

This article will state some PROS and CONS of WhatsApp Plus. Please read each of them because reading this entire article will clear your issues. First, we will discuss its PROS and then CONS. After researching about WhatsApp Plus, I got some PROS and here is its first PRO:

More Words in Status

WhatsApp users frequently make videos and share them with their friends through status. You only get a few seconds to share your video in status in official WhatsApp, but WhatsApp Plus gives you 1 more minute in the status section.

You can upload a video and get some additional minutes. Also, it’s useful for business people. They can update their employees with the current task they want to assign. That’s the benefit of having more minutes in the status. Direct communication is possible through long-stated videos. That’s the first advantage of using WhatsApp Plus. Your long messages can easily be conveyed through the status you upload.

More Accounts in One Place

WhatsApp allows you to use 1 number even if you have 2 networks installed. Every android user has got dual sims installed on their smartphone. Some iPhone users have a single sim, but most use dual sim phones. For them, it’s difficult to manage 1 number on a single WhatsApp, but WhatsApp Plus has resolved this issue.

WhatsApp Plus has given a chance to enjoy multiple numbers on the same app. You can use your second phone number to make another WhatsApp account on WhatsApp Plus. That’s pretty much useful for people preferring multiple numbers in one place. So WhatsApp Plus has resolved the 2nd issue, and now comes the 3rd one.

More Designs, Fonts, Emoticons and Themes

In a single set, you get all these things updated. WhatsApp’s official version had only a few fonts, themes and emoticons, but WhatsApp Plus has given endless fonts, designs, themes and emoticons.

Users who are tired of seeing the same chat text can choose another text. In the next section, you get a complete dashboard of Microsoft Excel. Joking! But the endless text version means a couple of text formats useful in WhatsApp Plus.

Design is another thing that needs a change after some time. People feel limited with one design, but with WhatsApp Plus, you get a chance to choose the design of your choice. You can select the design of your choice and see which one is the best fit for your eyes. You can select another one after some time because WhatsApp Plus has offered unlimited numbers in this area.

Easy Navigation and Menus

Selecting a design, changing a text, and creating 4 accounts in one place is good, but that needs to be easy. You can’t perform these activities when the navigation is hard to understand. The WhatsApp Plus developer hasn’t compromised on its navigation. He has worked hard to make powerful and easy navigation for users. That’s another major reason which attracted thousands of users to WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus is an easy-to-explore app with user-friendly navigation and powerful menus. It’s written on the menus. You can perform the activities of your choice without digging deep. The simple menus lead to your desired location. That’s another power of WhatsApp Plus, which is good. Only user-friendly navigation can attract newbies, which WhatsApp Plus has done.

These were the 3 PROS of WhatsApp Plus, and now it’s the turn of the CONS. According to my research, WhatsApp Plus has got 1 CON, which is its privacy.

No Data Security

In WhatsApp Plus, your data isn’t secured because no one knows about its developer. It’s a 3rd party app developed by multiple developers. They released this app without any official website or platform. However, WhatsApp is owned by Meta, and if anything happens, Meta is responsible for that. You can ask for support, you can send them an email, and they will try to resolve your issue, but what will you do when something strange happens on WhatsApp Plus? You haven’t got anybody to resolve your issue. That’s what I didn’t like about WhatsApp Plus.

Final Words

So these were the 3 PROS and 1 CON of WhatsApp Plus. This app is available for Android Phones. Reading these features will make your mind install WhatsApp Plus on your Android or Apple phones. If anything is left to be explained, or if we have left anything, please tell us so that we can update it quickly. Till that, take care and stay safe!

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