What makes Ether so volatile?

What makes Ether so volatile

You might be pretty familiar with the fact that the ethereum coin has been fluctuating recently. Also, it is not recently that it has been fluctuating, but the nature of cryptocurrency is such that they keep on going up and high with the market. You must understand that the cryptocurrency market is quite diversified, and therefore, you can use any kind that you prefer. But, before doing that, you should know about the critical implications of the crypto coin. Such a coin like Ethereum is quite popular worldwide, and therefore, it has a lot of use cases. Before you understand anything else, you should also know that the ethereum coin is quite volatile. It is the second most popular coin, and therefore, it has some obligations to fulfil. So, if you want to test the ethereum coin, you need to be quite familiar with the factors leading to the fluctuation in the prices of this coin. Visit the Ethereum Code official site to learn more about blockchain technology.


Regardless of the commodity you have in your hand; it will have a demand and supply mechanism. The same is the case that applies to the cryptocurrency space as well. You will see that the prices of any cryptocurrency, regardless of the name, keep on going up and high with the demand and supply. You might think that Ethereum coin prices need to be stable because it does not have limitations on the supply, but that is not true. Even though there is an unlimited supply of ethereum coins available, the market does have only a limited number available. Therefore, the company is not making more of these coins to retain stability in the market. When there is an excess availability in the market, there will be a crash of the coin, and it will ultimately cease to be valuable.

Peer pressure

Regardless of the supply limit on the ethereum coin, and do have a certain degree of peer pressure. You might be pretty familiar with the fact that the cryptocurrency market is also operating on the peer pressure factor. The prices of different cryptocurrencies fluctuate with the bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first going to exist and, therefore, has a lot of influence on all the coins in the cryptocurrency market. So, along with the other coins which influence the bitcoin, the ethereum coin does the same. If the bitcoin prices go higher, people trust the market, and hence, they purchase cryptocurrencies, and the prices of Ethereum coins also fluctuate.


Even though the cryptocurrencies like ethereum coin have been around for almost a year now, they are still immature. If you think that cryptocurrencies are entirely mature to stay at a stable price, perhaps you are wrong. Only one-third of the cryptocurrency’s identity is known to the people. The rest is still unknown, and therefore, even the experts cannot tell about the future of digital tokens. If you have invested a lot of money in the cryptocurrencies like ethereum coin or bitcoin, it is suggested that you keep your investment reason only. Investing a lot of money can be drastic for your future. There could be a time when these cryptocurrencies cease to be valuable, and hence, you will lose your money altogether.

Crypto nature

The fundamental phenomenon that you are required to understand behind the fluctuation in the prices of Ethereum coins is the cryptocurrency nature. Cryptocurrencies became quite popular among the people just because they are decentralised. There is no authority controlling the prices in the market, and therefore, they go up and down. Also, when the prices changes, people tend to purchase cryptocurrencies and therefore, the prices again go higher or lower. It is the mechanism of the cryptocurrency market which applies to every coin regardless of the company it is.

Diversity in implications

A cryptocurrency will experience fluctuations in its prices when the use cases increase or decrease. Yes, a cryptocurrency that has been implemented in thousands of industries will have diversity in its prices. For example, you will see that the ethereum coin is implemented in many things like making purchases, trading, investing, and many more, and therefore, the price fluctuates. It is an action coming from one industry, which leads to price fluctuation. Therefore, it needs to be considered when investing money in any crypto coin.

Disclaimer: The presented material by no means represents any financial advice or promotion. Be sure to do your own research and acknowledge the possible risks before using the service of any cryptocurrency platform.

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