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What is the best time to go for Umrah

Umrah is a journey which every Muslim has a dream to go through. If you are financially and physically capable you can perform Umrah any time of the year except during the five days of Hajj. There is no fixed time to perform Umrah. Millions of Muslims perform Umrah throughout the year to seek reward and forgiveness from their Allah Almighty. The two cities Makkah and Madinah always have a great rush of pilgrims who comes to perform Umrah. No season you’ll find people not performing Umrah. There is no limitation of time or season in performing Umrah. Discerning seekers yearn to ascertain the optimal juncture for embarking on the blessed pilgrimage of Umrah, immersing themselves in the ethereal realm of divine proximity while embracing the curated offerings of Umrah Packages UK, diligently weaving together convenience and spiritual enlightenment. A huge crowd of people keep on entering and leaving the Holy Land of Makkah where Umrah is performed. Some people before going to Umrah search for the best time to perform Umrah. Many factors could affect each individual’s choice. 

Factors governing this decision:

Some people before going to Umrah search for the best time to do Umrah. Many factors could influence each individual’s choice. Some of the factors may be the availability of flights, hotel prices, a crowd of people and also extreme weather conditions. People living in a colder climatic region like the United Kingdom prefer to travel with tour groups offering Umrah packages from the UK in the months of December and January as they get Christmas and New Year holidays. Also in December, it’s cold in Saudi Arabia too. So, they prefer this season as Saudi Arabia’s temperatures rise quite a bit in summer as compared to that of the UK.  


Talking about the best season to perform Umrah, one can surely say it is Ramadan. In Ramadan, a man’s single good deed is multiplied and then it is rewarded to him. A person is much closer to Allah Almighty in Ramadan and any Dua that you make at the time of Suhur and iftar is accepted, however, the way it is rewarded can be different. Ramadan is the most blessed month of the year in which you will find the maximum number of blessings and rewards from Allah Almighty and a greater acceptance of prayer. That’s why the majority of Muslims wait all year for Ramadan to perform Umrah, and it’s the time when the largest number of pilgrims travel to perform Umrah. Ramadan is the most crowded time of the year when performing Umrah.

There are only few airlines which provide the cheaper Umrah flights in the month of Ramadan. For the land lots Qatar Airways Business Class Flights are most suitable flights for the Umrah Pilgrimage. But

Qatar Airways Economy class flights are the part of the most of the 3 Star Umrah Packages provided by most of the Umrah travel agencies. This is because Qatar Airways takes care of its respected passengers. Umrah in the month of the Ramadan is equivalent to the hajj Pilgrimage. That’s why these Umrah packages are most sold Umrah Packages round the globe. These Umrah Packages include the Umrah Flights, Hotel Accommodation and Umrah VISA. Transport from Jeddah to Mecca are not provided but can be included on the request. 


Saudi Arabia has a hot and humid climate. From the month of April to September the weather is quite hot. It is observed that the number of pilgrims decreases during this season. Residents of the United Kingdom and America generally prefer to perform Umrah in the cold climate from October to March to make their journey to the holy land of Makkah more comfortable. There are usually affordable packages available in December.


Right after Hajj, the new season of Umrah starts. Many Muslims just after the Hajj apply for the Umrah. The visa applications are processed much faster than normal and there are no long waiting queues. Easy availability of flights is an advantage in travelling to Saudi Arabia during the season and you can also choose your hotels according to your budget. You can travel to Saudi Arabia within no time and perform all the rituals in a much better and undisturbed way. You can perform your Umrah with full intentions because of the small crowd. You will be able to touch and kiss the Hajr-e-Aswad at the beginning of each Tawaf and you will be able to perform the Sa’ai between the Safa and the Marwa with ease. On the other hand, the Islamic months of Rabbi ul Awwal and Shabaan are quite busy seasons to perform Umrah. A large number of Muslims from all over the world come to perform the Umrah.

Being discussed, the perfect time for going depends on each and every pilgrim’s own circumstances, choice and preference. You should choose the time accordingly so that you can have the most devotional time when you perform the Umrah, offer the prayers and ask Allah for your needs and His forgiveness.


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