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What is Slack Emojis? How to add Slack Emojis

It’s no secret that I love Slack. It has been a great tool for keeping my team organized and connected, but there’s one thing that I wasn’t aware of a first – Slack Emojis!

What are Slack Emojis?

In short, Slack Emojis are small graphics used in messaging to express an emotion or idea. They can be anything from smileys and emoticons to more complex images like flags and animals.

At first, I was skeptical about the usefulness of these little icons. After all, why use something so silly when you could just type out what you want to say? But after using them for a while, I realized they add a lot of personality and fun to conversations on Slack. Plus, they make it easier to convey complicated ideas without writing out long sentences or paragraphs.

Why do you need Slack Emojis?

Slack Emojis also help break up text-heavy conversations and give members of the team an easy way to show their support or agreement with someone else’s thoughts or ideas. People can also use them as shorthand when responding quickly. For example, if someone asked “What do you think?” a quick response might be “👍” – which is much faster than typing out “I agree with your suggestion!”

And since the emojis are searchable by keyword (just type in: keyword: into the message box), it makes finding relevant ones super easy – even if you don’t know their exact name! So if someone wants an emoji that expresses excitement but doesn’t know which one it is, they can simply type in “excited” into the message box and find one quickly!

Of course, not everyone loves Slack Emojis – some people find them too childish or distracting – but personally, I think they’re really helpful and make conversations much more enjoyable (and efficient!). Not only do they make chatting on Slack more fun and expressive, but they also help get points across without having to write out lengthy explanations every time!

How to add Slack emojis

Adding emojis to slack can be a fun and effective way to communicate with your coworkers, friends, or family. Slack provides users with several options for adding custom emojis that will help them express themselves in conversations on the platform. Here’s how you can add new Slack Emojis:

  • Click on Customize Your Workspace

First, click on “Customize Your Workspace” at the bottom left of the screen. This will open up an area where you can customize various aspects of your workspace such as themes and notifications settings. At this point, you should see two tabs named “Emoji Settings” and “Integrations & Services”.

  • Go to Emoji Settings

Next, select the “Emoji Settings” tab from here. On this page, there is a button labeled “+ Add Custom Emoji”, which allows uploading images from either local storage or web links directly into slack as emoji icons! Simply upload your desired image then give it an appropriate name before clicking save changes below – congratulations! You have now added a custom emoji icon to use in any conversation within Slack.

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