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Five tips to Choose The Right Set of Keywords

Best SEO Keywords

What is the most daunting task when it comes to getting organic tasks for your website or blog? It is finding the right keywords for your content. If you can choose the correct keywords, you win half the battle. The other half is writing content that attracts users to your website. But to do that, you have to challenge yourself to determine keywords that can get you the top ranking.

Every SEO agency in India knows the importance of finding the best keywords. Thus, they keep themselves upraised of algorithms or trends related to keywords to give you the best results. If you are wondering how to pick the best keywords for your content, you are in the right place.

Let’s learn the basics of finding correct keywords to get your content on the top.

Keywords should be relatable to your product/service

The keywords or phrases we use in our content attract the correct audience when they use a relevant keyword. We should keep this in mind, but we also need to use a keyword that focuses on our product and services.

The features of your product or what it offers should reflect in your keywords. For instance, if you sell women skincare products, the content throughout your social media, website, and blog must include keywords like women skincare or skincare routine for women and more.

Know the search intent

Search intent refers to why a person uses a particular phrase while searching for a product or service on Google or Bing. When you analyze the search engine, it helps you understand the reason and use a relevant keyword.

There are three types of search engines:

  • Navigational: The user is looking for another web page
  • Commercial: The user is ready to make a purchase
  • Informational: The user is looking for information related to a topic

If you want to determine the correct keyword for your website, you need to understand what type of intent the user has. Whether the user is looking for information or looking to make a purchase, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the customer. This way, you will find the best keyword and get better results.

Use a keyword tool

Many tools can help you determine the correct keywords. If working with an SEO agency in India, they will conduct their research. Also, they will use tools to determine the keywords. If you are working to figure out the correct keywords, using a tool is essential. There are Aherfs, SEMRUSH, and more tools. These can help you find keyword phrases that fit with your content well.

Check your competitors

Another way to figure out what keywords work best for your content is to look at your competitors. Since you are in the same industry selling similar products with critical differences, keywords may be similar. You can analyze their site to figure out which keywords are working for them and which are not.

The buyer’s journey

A buyer will not buy your product or hire your services at a moment’s notice. It takes time, and there are stages that they have to follow. The journey from recognizing their need for a product and finally buying the product is known as the buyer’s journey.

Awareness: This is the first stage where the customer realizes that there is a problem they are facing. In this stage, most people are aware there is a problem. However, they do not have a name for the problem.

Consideration: This is the stage when the customer knows the problem is and is looking for a solution.

Decision: The last stage is when the customer has multiple solutions in his hand. Now, he has to choose one, and we hope that it is our product or service.

When it comes to planning keywords, you need to figure out at which stage the customer is

Wrapping up, work on targeting different keywords for all web pages because as single web pages rank, website ranks improve. A website doesn’t rank; its pages do. So, keep this in mind and all the above information to ensure the keywords you choose help your SEO strategy and more.

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