What is Geo-Restriction? How to Circumvent it?


Have you ever clicked on a website or media streaming app and it mentioned: “This media is not available in your region.” If yes, then you are located in a region where media streaming channels have restricted your access to stream their content. It has become an overwhelming act from media channels and popular franchises that produce high-quality content. No matter if these sites do it following copyright laws and content distribution policies still it is irritating since it gets in the way of cherishing a favorite content. Fortunately, in the fast-paced technical world, everything is fixable and so is geo-restriction. A VPN is the key to unlocking your favorite media streaming sites such as Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, ESPN+, Sky Sports, and every channel that you desire. However, in the inundated market of SAS, choosing a quality VPN is a hectic task. But, having tried and tested your preference that provides robust security protocols along with a free trial should be your top priority. Follow this tutorial to answer the questions in your head about what is geo-restriction and how to circumvent it.

How Does Geo-restriction Work?

Geo-restriction is the procedure of restricting access to several media sites and streaming channels based on geographical locations. They use IP monitoring software to track your IP address, and seeing your geographical location from where you are logged in, that doesn’t match their permitted country, they authorize and restrict your access.

Most of these procedures come down to media streaming apps, WWE channels, gambling sites, and sports sites and are implemented following the jurisdiction, copyrights, and red tape. These restrictions are usually applied by popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other top-dog channels that adhere to copyright licensing, certain terms and conditions, and legal agreements. Since streaming sites sell their content to different retailers for a specific region. With that said, there is are excellent tools that can bypass all these content restrictions, and here we are about to define how to use a VPN and a one that is best VPN for Netflix to watch all the exciting Netflix shows and marvelous movies from the Netflix geo-restricted regions.

How to Get Around Geo-restrictions?

There are different ways to circumvent geo-restrictions and that includes a VPN, a proxy, a TOR browser, and a smart DNS. You can use any of these tools to circumvent geo-restrictions around the globe. Since all these methods are designed to mask your IP address and provide you with a dummy/spoofed IP that never reveals from what location you are operating the service. Here, have a deeper look at how these tools work to circumvent geo-restrictions.

  1. Virtual Private Network

A VPN is dedicated software that masks your internet data and routes it through encrypted tunnels that are secured from any prying activities. VPNs shield your IP addresses to ensure that your data stays anonymous. By routing your internet traffic with a VPN server that is located in a different location, it gives you access to your desired media streaming sites. To unblock a particular site with a VPN, you need to connect to that country’s server from where the media channel is originated. It will change your IP address to another IP. For instance, if you are located somewhere in Spain, and want to watch Netflix USA, a dedicated US server can solve this issue and unblock the site.

  1. Proxy

A Proxy server acts as a middleman between your internet and the media server that is offering the content you want to stream. It offers you access to geo-restricted media if you connect to an international server. When you are connected to the proxy server, it operates the information you want and passes it on to you. Following this process, you can effortlessly unblock and watch your desired media sites no matter in what region you are situated.

  1. TOR Browser

TOR (The Onion Routing) is a secure browser that encapsulates your data via the TOR browser which involves a series of nodes. Users can operate it like any other browser. The nodes on the TOR browser are designed to work together to hide your browsing activities and maintain an anonymous connection between you and the destination site. In this way, by operating a TOR browser you can access any site by staying anonymous and getting access to the blocked sites.

  1. Smart DNS

You can use smart DNS (Domain Name System) to hide your IP address and unblock the geo-restricted media. By routing your DNS request via another location, a Smart DNS opens routes for you to access geo-blocked media content.

A DNS changer is capable to change your DNS every time you logged in to the system. Meanwhile, a Smart DNS depends upon one or two DNS addresses. To mask your geo-location, you can rely on Smart DNS. However, to activate your Smart DNS, launch the network settings on your computer, and choose any two DNS servers that are nearest to your physical location. Following this way you can access and unblock the media site you want to with faster speed.


And that’s a wrap. You can use all of the four softwares to circumvent geo-restrictions. Meanwhile subscribing to a top VPN provider you can open gates to every international streaming channel with reliable VPN servers. Additionally, these all procedures are safe and secure to take care of your digital media identity and browsing activities.

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