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What is CPS Test?

What is CPS Test?

The gamers always want to beat their opponent, but this only happened when a gamer try to land more clicks than their opponent. If you want to increase your click per second and also record your finger speed, then you are on the right place. This is done manually for those who are concerned about their click speed.

They try to increase their speed. Cps test is a friendly game for time pass. You can break the record of other people and quick way to determine your click per second. If some of you want to avoid becoming a turtle and increasing the speed of your finger to click, we always recommend this for you. 

 Cps is known for clicks per second. Cps test is a time pass game where you can not only record your clicks, you can play and break the record of other people. CPS allows you to test your finger speed on the mouse, and how speedily you click on the mouse. If You are interested to check your CPS test then CLICK HERE  This game is free to use without any ads.

It is the software of Google, you don’t need to install any app properly. Cps test calculates you click on the mouse in the given time period and give a result in cps. The best score is obtained when you click 5 times or more than 5 per second. It gives you a good result. You can trail many times on it.

Mathematically, our program has a formula for calculating your clicks on the mouse in the given time period.  It counts clicks you have done on your screen and this is divided by a given period of time. Simply, this is a formula to determine the clicks. 

 How can you calculate your Click Per Second?

This is a game and formal tool to calculate the clicks in given period of time. There are some simple and easy points to calculate clicks per second, you must follow them. 

  • Search it on Google, you don’t need to install any app. 
  • There is a click area where you can click to determine your speed. 
  • First, you must choose the time period, which are 5 seconds,10 seconds,30 seconds and 60 seconds. 
  • When you select your time for clicking and then start clicking in the click area, there is written, “click here to start the cps test”
  • You must be clicking in this area, as time run out. 
  • When your time is stop, then it will give you a cps result. 
  • It is calculated by the same formula as mentioned above.
  • When you click on the screen you will find many colors or sounds which increase your interest in playing the game.

Word record of cps test by google

According to our big data, the average cps is 6.68. But this is an average number. A big record all over the world is 14.1. This record is made by google. You can also break this record by using this cps tool.

The average record ID is made on 5 seconds, where you can touch your screen as much as possible. But our cps test gives you access time to make the best clicks. This tool gives you 10s, the 20s,30s, and 60 to 180 second for clicks. Select your time and start clicking on the screen until time run out. This is the best and free tool to use where you can increase and improve your clicks on the screen.

Features of cps test tool

Our cps test tool is an easy and realistic tool. It improves your clicks, protects your privacy and security, and have many unique and astonishing features. These features make this tool best for the cps tests.  Cps tests improve quality of life and protect the environment. There is some best and most famous feature of this tool is here.

1. online tool 

The main purpose of online tools is to improve your performance in clicks. The online feature of the cps test makes it smart and maintains your personal data protected, you can share your record online and protect it from other people.  You can participate online test in kohi test click. Where you can break and make a new record. In this test all over the world, people participate. Online tools don’t waste your mobile memory and also don’t need to log in to this tool. 

2. Mobile friendly

The cps test is friendly to your mobile phone. Interestingly, these are social sharing and mobile-loving tools. Any time, anywhere, you can check your tap on the mobile screen by cps test. The average record of the cps tests on mobile is 6.69. To interfere with the cps test in mobile is related to cps test web design.

Our tool gives you astonished and the same design. Remember, this is easy and convenient without ads. To improve your clicks on mobile, make sure you have a better mobile phone with a good screen to tap. You should keep your mobile in the right hand and clicks or tap on the screen where the cps test allows you to touch, tap continuously to increase your clicks per second. In 5 seconds, I am sure you will get a 6.69 to 7 cps result. 

3. Free and easy to use

Our cps test is free to use. You don’t pay charges to any third party. You should search on Google and start your test. It will give you access and allow you to participate in kohi test. This gives you rank according to your performance and gives many easy steps to improve your clicks per second. It is free as well as easy to use. There is nothing difficult to handle it. Only a few steps give your clicks per second clicks. 

  • Search on Google “clicks per second test”
  •  Tap on our best cps test to get better results.
  • Select the time, in which you get your goal.
  • Start clicks on the selected area, where is written “tap here to improve your clicks” 

You should follow only these steps to make your performance good.  

4. Accurate results

Our cps test gives you accurate and pure results. You can get average results and also get overall ranked only on this website. By the help of our cps test, you will improve and participate in kohi click test. You can check your clicks per second in only few seconds. 

 Our website gives you more accurate results, and it is easy to use. You can enjoy this game due to its best and easy features. 

  1. Our website gives you a friendly environment and protects your privacy and security. 
  2. It offers you a variety of timeframe,  5 to 180 seconds 
  3. Its astonishing and beautiful design attracted you.
  4. This gives you an uncountable trail to improve your clicks or tap on Mobile. 
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