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What is a person with disability?


The term person with a disability refers to those individuals who have different types of disabilities. It is a condition that restricts a person to do certain activities effectively. Due to difficulty in performing certain activities, they are not able to interact with society properly and feel alienated.

Disability is broadly classified into three types:-

  • Short term disability
  • Long term disability
  • Permanent disability

The reasons for disability could be due to injury, meeting with an accident, or genetic (learning disabilities).

Types of disability

  • Mental disability
  • Intellectual disability
  • Sensory impairment
  • Locomotive disability
  • Speech and language disability
  • Specific learning disability (dyslexia)
  • Leprosy cured person
  • Hearing impairment
  • Blindness

Problems faced by a person with a disability -:

Persons with disabilities face problems in moving, communication, learning, injuries, and chronic illnesses.

They face difficulty in getting humanitarian assistance, education, livelihoods, healthcare, and other services.

Persons with disabilities face the risk of violence, exploitation, and abuse.

There is a high level of stigma attached to their personalities.

In today’s materialistic society a person is judged by his appearance and makes a superficial idea about that person.

There are different terms that are used for persons with disability eg:- handicapped, disabled person, physically challenged person, differently-abled person, a person with special needs (generally used for persons with mental disability)

Because of lack of awareness insurance their conditions many times derogatory terms are also used for persons with disabilities.

According to the World health organization, 15% of people around the world are people with disabilities. so, the objective of INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE is to provide an affordable insurance scheme with high premiums to the disabled so that not only they can manage their expenses but also makes their life much easier and more effective. INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE formulates its insurance policies by keeping in mind the challenges faced by the disabled so that the world becomes a better place for them to live in. For persons with disability, the insurance policy is divided into:-

(a) Short term disability insurance

(b) Long term disability insurance

(c) Permanent disability insurance. Before enrolling in the personal disability insurance scheme the risk and vulnerability of getting a disability can also be kept in mind.

Persons with disabilities were considered to be not only a financial burden for the family but also a physical burden. But now for the betterment of persons with disabilities, the whole scenario is changed by the INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE by providing financial support through a policy of disability insurance which protects the income of the individual to meet their expenses on a timely basis.

A general perception in society about the disabled is that they cannot do anything and are left to the mercy of people but people with disabilities with their high ambitions and strong willpower have changed this perception by working in different fields like mountaineering by climbing the highest mountain of the world Himalayas to becoming scientists like Stephen Hawking who also wrote a famous book “A brief history of time”. If they can do it then even you can chase your dream through our initiative of personal disability insurance. You and I together can positively leave an impact on the lives of millions through INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE.

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