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India, right now, is sitting on the top of the world when it comes to exploring business opportunities. The country is experimenting with its foreign policies to favour the investments and giving direct benefits to the young entrepreneurs. However, there is one problem that the young entrepreneurs face when it comes to accumulating finances in India i.e. lack of knowledge regarding where they can get funds from. Today we are sharing a list of top 10 financial service providers in India which will empower you to find and allocate all the money you need to get started with your business.

1) Bajaj Capital

One of the major financial service providers who rose to fame recently, Bajaj Capital offers top notch investment advisor as well as financial planning services. They have been active in the industry for many years now and mostly cater to institutional investors, big corporate houses, single but significant investors, non-residential Indians and high profile networking clients.

2) SEBI Capital Markets Limited

This is the oldest firm in the financial service market in the nation and has recently ranked second in Asia’s Project Advisory Services. It was established back in 1986 as an ancillary of SBI. SEBI Capital Markets Limited also heads the movement of extensive privatisation and securitization in the nation and has many subsidiaries like SBI Capital Markets and SBICAPs Ventures Limited working alongside it.

3) Housing Development Finance Corporation

Popularly known by the name of HDFC, it now caters to more than just home loans. However, it is still the most popular option that the people of the country have when it comes to personal loans. The customer base of Housing Development Finance Corporation ranges from proprietary business owners to big firms with an employee strength of several thousand. With its overseas branches in Singapore, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and many other Asian and European nations, it has been serving customers with all its strength.

4) Birla Global Finance

Coming from a big business house of India called Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd, Birla Finance mostly caters to the corporate world. It is also active in the capital market arena and has many ongoing alliances with other financial providers from within and outside the country. For instance, one of its alliance is with Sun Life Financial of Canada with whom Birla Global Finance entered the insurance markets in India.

5) LIC

LIC or Life Insurance Corporation is the most loved and most trusted brand of financial services when it comes to India. The institution has a client base of several million individuals and deals in providing fantastic deals on Insurance and related products. The company is run by the state and has several subsidiaries to assist with its operations. Through its affordable schemes and reliable investment options, LIC is a part of every Indian household.

6) ICICI Group

This is a single most bank which provides every banking facility in the real sense. It has a broad customer base which ranges from single account operands to large IT firms. It caters to individuals as well as corporate clients, residing in and outside India with various financial services. To name a few, it provides mutual fund, private equity, securities, instabanking, life insurance and much more.

7) L & T Finance Limited

The Larsen and Turbo group established L & T Finances in 1994 to cater to the growing demand for financial aid in the sector of automobile and agriculture. Even though the country of India is undergoing tremendous industrialisation, agriculture still contributes a lot to the economy building. In such a scenario, a financial service that dedicatedly works towards helping the agriculture grow is actually exciting (as well as lucrative business). L & T Finances mostly deal in long term loans and as already stated provide loans for automobiles, agricultural machinery and secured loans of all kinds.

8) Karvy Group

Relatively a new financial service provider, Karvy group provides services like mutual funds, depository services, investment banking, debt market services and much more in the same niches. It has several domestic and international service centres where a customer can go and discuss the situation and get the best advice. This company also provides non-financial services like market research, data management services and data analytics.

9) PNB Housing Finance

One of the most loved financial institutions of India, PNB introduced PNB Housing Finance to cater to the growing need of home loans in the country. It provides several services for relieving the borrower segment and is currently working with another financial institution called TATA AIG to provide cheap and effective home insurance plans to its customers.

10) DSP Merrill Lynch

A giant in the equity and debt market of India, DSP Merrill Lynch offers a broad range of financial aid in the form of financial advice primarily to corporates and related institutions. It has excellent wealth management and investor services product which are highly customizable and tailored as per every individual client.

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