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What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat? Usage & Slang Meaning

Do you know what makes social media slang so challenging? It doesn’t have a dictionary that you can open and look up its acronyms in. Social media users often and consistently utilize slang on these platforms. Speaking in the brand-new internet language is not only speedy but enjoyable.

This jargon was formed by social media users themselves somewhere, and new users frequently become perplexed by this acronym vocabulary. To aid all of them, we will now introduce you to KMS, a popular Snapchat slang term. 

Disclaimer: This material may include difficult topics like suicide and self-harm. The website’s owner has no desire to support or spread such ideas. It is merely informational stuff, and we strongly disapprove of any such behaviour.

Different Meanings of KMS

KMS have been widely used in difference contents and have different meanings. 

KMS Meaning on Snapchat

Of course, KMS on Snapchat does not stand for Kilometers. It is a very surprising thing. KMS stands for “Kill Myself” on Snapchat. On Snapchat, you can use it as a melodramatic expression to convey faux fury to your lover, bae, or friends. On a more severe note, it can involve making a suicide threat or expressing depressive, sad, or disgusting feelings.

The acronym KMS’s main concept is an exaggeration of emotions. Saying KMS does not refer to committing suicide; rather, it refers to exaggerating or overreacting to any bad event. In other terms, it is a method of demonstrating how distressing or incorrect something is. If someone uses it sincerely, though, it is alarming and ought to be taken seriously. Teenagers utilize KMS extremely frequently to express their annoyance or disagreement with posts on social media.

KMS Meaning on Discord

While Discord is a social network, it differs significantly from services like Instagram and Snapchat. There are numerous groups and channels on Discord organized according to work, culture, and interests. Only a select group of pals can hang out together in order to weed out the superfluous and uninteresting folks.

The flood of slang and chatting has not escaped Discord either, especially when it comes to KMS, which has a similar meaning to Snapchat. KMS stands for “Kill Myself” in Discord. This phrase has the same meaning everywhere, including Discord. Since the meaning is the same, the usage in similar settings must likewise be the same.

KMS Meaning in Automobiles

You were all right to guess, yes. In the realm of autos, KMS stands for “Kilometers.” Kilometers are a unit of measurement used to calculate how far a car has been driven. The most widely used complete form of the abbreviation KMS is “Kilometers.” On social media networks, it means something quite different.

To determine how long an automobile has been on the road, people frequently check the kilometers or KMS of the vehicle. KMS is the best indicator of the physical condition of an antique car before purchasing. It’s crucial to keep track of the exact number of kilometers for vehicle maintenance.

Understanding’s Snapchat Other Terms

In addition to KMS, there are a variety of other terms you should be familiar with if you want to use Snapchat effectively. We’ve organized some of the lingoes that are regularly used on Snapchat for you.

What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

The abbreviation GTS is used when writing “Good Times.” It can also be used to mean “Go to Sleep.” Both are valid and utilized as GTS. The debate determines how the term GTS should be understood. Say, GTS stands for Good Times if someone brings you old images to bring back old memories. However, if you are sending pointless texts or pictures to someone late at night and they reply with GTS, it is likely that they mean “Go To Sleep.”

What Does SU Mean on Snapchat?

This one has two meanings, both of which are the exact opposite. SU stands for “Swipe Up” and “Shut Up,” respectively. Once more, we would respond that it depends on the type of dialogue that is taking place. For example, you might urge a friend to shut up if they are being particularly annoying or teasing. On the other hand, you may use SU, which stands for Swipe Up, as a call-to-action button in the caption of your new Snapchat stories.


The reason why Snapchat is so captivating for its users is probably due to acronyms. These slang terms start popping up more and more the more we use them. Who knows, perhaps in the future this language will quickly take over the internet.

Unless it is used in that way, KMS is not meant to be a bad or offensive word. It is merely a means to respond to anything unpleasant or grating. 

We hope that now that you know what I KMS you on Snapchat, you won’t be confused the next time someone uses KMS in a post. I hope you now know more Snapchat abbreviations than you did before. You can use it to express your rage in response to anything you find objectionable on social media. It’s a lot of fun!

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