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What are the types of graphic design?

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You may have an image in your mind of what a graphic designer does, and it may be quite limited in scope. These days you can find evidence of the work done by graphic designers almost everywhere. From the signs on shops that tell you their names to the paper cup of coffee that you got at the corner coffee shop to designs on websites and on a wide variety of products, graphic designers are set on their objective to communicate an idea or a concept in a particular fashion. Preferably, in a way that catches your eye and makes you at least interested in finding out what this place, website, or product is all about and, hopefully, get you to buy it.

The job of a graphic designer goes well beyond just painting a pretty picture; they have to listen to their client’s needs, develop a wholly new concept that combines aesthetics and functionality and have everyone looking at that product in a way they had never thought of before.

The scope of graphic design is so large that it needs to be broken down into different types. 


Whether you own a small business or represent a large corporation, a graphic designer will work with you to develop an accurate representation of your brand by combining images, shapes, and colors in a way that works only for you and tells the story that you want your business to tell.

Marketing Design

Marketing campaigns are everywhere. They aim to get viewers to buy something, and they do a good job when people click on the ‘buy now’ button. When it comes to marketing, graphic designers are the creators and executors behind the projects, which in some cases do not last more than a few seconds. It is their job to come up with a concept that will resonate with the demographic it is aimed at. Businesses can decide whether they want an in-house graphic designer to develop their projects or if it is better for them to hire a graphic design agency.

Product Design

Graphic designers in charge of product design have to understand the minds of potential customers and include that information in the end design for the product. No matter how good a product is, if it does not have the right product design, it will just sit on a shelf while consumers pass it by.

Publishing and Editorial Design

When books and magazines are published, graphic designers must develop unique layouts that convey the author’s vision or that of the magazine’s team. Publication designers work with editors to create beautiful and memorable results.

Packaging Design

Having an attractively packaged product can make all the difference in how your product sells. A good selling product can put you ahead of your competitors and may mean the difference between your business failing or succeeding.

Advertising Design

Advertising graphic designers work with various mediums in order to meet the requirements of their clients with the aim of tapping into the buying decisions of consumers. They make use of social media and content marketing to succeed in advertising the products they are tasked to promote. They design brochures, newspaper and magazine advertisements, infographics, email marketing templates, and more.

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