What Are The Main Types Of Outdoor TV Enclosure?

The good news is that practically any TV can get enjoyed outside. The TV’s brightness also referred to as its nits, is the one significant factor that always helps. When placed in direct sunlight or even in a location where there is a lot of open, bright space in front of the outdoor TV or outdoor TV enclosure, the clearer or higher the TV, the better it will look.

Even on a covered patio, it is advised to weatherproof your TV. The electronics could still be harmed by rain. The TV might become fried if bugs get inside. Numerous dangers exist. Therefore, an outdoor TV solution is advised. This article will discuss some main types of waterproof outdoor TV cases!

  • DeerTV Outdoor TV Enclosure

The DeerTV Outdoor TV Enclosure offers a lot of value and safety as one of the most cost-effective yet efficient options. It is perfect for any home, office, or commercial location because it is deliberately made with an IP55 rating, effectively protecting water, dust, and tamper. With three sizes to choose from, you can easily identify the precise size you require. Numerous options and upgrades are available to suit your needs starting at a base price of $495. You can spend significantly less than competitors by purchasing the optional cooling fan and glass cover.


It works well with almost any contemporary television because it is fully VESA consistent. The front panel’s detachable construction is one of our favorite features. You can quickly access the TV when necessary by flipping up the front. Three touch screws on the bottom safeguard it when shuttered and allow for a secure clasp. If you feel this isn’t safe enough for you, you can add your lock on the door with the entirely voluntary lock pins to keep it securely locked at all times.

  • Outdoor TV Cabinet With A Fan: The TV Shield

The TV Shield, marketed as the “Top Outdoor TV Protection,” is a great option for people looking for the best defense for protecting any 19-65′′ TV in any outdoor setting. The TV Shield PRO can also be made in larger custom sizes and is available to 84″. You can be sure that virtually any television will be adequately protected because it is specifically made to guard against water, dust, and even theft. The.220 inches thick, shatter-resistant Lexan polycarbonate front cover allows a clear view of the screen while remaining completely weatherproof.


It has a unique, patented outdoor TV box that allows you to open up the enclosure to set up the TV or view it unhindered. The built-in locks on each front-bottom edge can get used to secure the door once it is shut. It shields your TV on the inside of weather-tight surroundings and stops tampering. The two vents on the top rear, which allow any heat to escape, should ensure that overheating won’t become a problem.

  • Storm Shell Outdoor TV enclosure

Contrary to what its name might imply, this enclosure is more of an indoor TV enclosure than one meant to withstand storms. However, the Storm Shell is probably going to be your best option if you’re looking for protection that is “great enough.” They also don’t skimp on defenses.


Things appear to be going well regarding the type of protection you can obtain from these enclosures. They have some moisture resistance, are impact-resistant, and have UV protection. The front cover can get completely removed. It eliminates any possibility of obstructing the sound or screen display. It is noteworthy that this enclosure weighs about 25 lbs. Even so, the largest model only weighs about 60 lbs. These metallic components got scaled up for larger displays, which is why they are so heavy.

Conclusive Remarks:

The primary types of outdoor TV enclosure were those mentioned above. Although not completely waterproof, all designs are weather resistant. You don’t need to panic and turn off your TV if it starts to drizzle. However, because some designs aren’t completely waterproof, you still need to take some simple precautions to keep them dry. The cabinets are only marginally protected from moisture even when in the sealed configuration, making submersion impossible.

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