How to build outdoor backyard movie theater

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie under the stars? You may have seen other people watch movies in their backyard movie theatre and you think that’s a clever idea so you want to do it too. The question you have is, how do you build an outdoor backyard movie theatre? Having a backyard movie theatre is fun and different. There are a few steps you can follow so you can learn how to build your outdoor backyard movie theatre.

  1. Gather your Materials

The first thing you have to do is buy the materials you need if you don’t have them already.

  • Screen: If you don’t want to have a movie screen in your backyard all the time, it is recommended that you purchase an inflatable one. Plus, if you have an HOA, they tend to frown upon anything that is higher than your fence.
  • Projector: You will need something to project the movie from your laptop to the screen to play the movie.
  • Laptop: You should have one of these already. This is where your movie will come from. If you don’t have a laptop with a DVD player, then you can find a movie on a streaming service or anywhere else online.
  • Speakers: Once the movie is playing on the screen, you’ll need to plug everything into the speakers because you don’t want the sound to come from your laptop. Yamaha outdoor speakers are a good solution for your outdoor movie theater setup.
  • Cables: You will need cables hooked up from your computer to the screen and you may need another cable to hook everything to your speakers.
  • Extension cords: Extension cords are nice to have in case everything is not able to reach where you want them to go. It depends on how your backyard is set up. Look at that first before you go any further.
  1. Where do you find the video?

The next step is to locate the video through your computer. This way you do not have to add another piece of equipment to the mix, like a DVD player or a Blue Ray player. There are apps that you can download so you don’t need any extra cords.

  1. Sound quality

Test the sound and make sure that the speakers work. You’re looking for anything that may be harmful to the ears. For example, be sure the sound isn’t squeaking or that there is static. Either one of those can ruin a movie for anyone. In addition to the sounds, be sure the volume is turned down. You don’t want the movie to be too loud because it may disturb your neighbors.

  1. Plugging Everything In

To make sure everything is working properly, it’s best to take this part slowly. Start with your computer. Be sure you use the HDMI cable to hook up your computer to the projector so it will play on the screen. From there, hook up your speakers. You can do that by using a cable to plug in your speakers from your computer.

  1. Make Sure Everything Works

The last thing you need to do is make sure everything is working properly. Before bringing your family out to your backyard with their pillows, blankets, popcorn, and drinks, test everything out. Make sure the movie is projecting correctly. You don’t want the projector only showing half of the movie on the screen. Every part of the picture should be on the big screen before you can move forward. If it’s not on the screen, then check your computer and make sure everything is playing on your computer. Once you have the movie playing on the screen, does the sound work? Remember, the sound should be coming from the speakers and not your computer. If the sound comes through louder, you’ll know it’s working.


When playing the movie from your computer, be sure to have the computer behind your family so no one will pay attention to the movie playing on your computer. Put the monitor down low enough so it doesn’t shut completely. Another tip is you might want to get a stand to hold the screen in place so it doesn’t fall down if you’re watching a movie on a windy day.

Once everything is working properly, bring your family out to watch your first movie in your backyard. Enjoy some family time in the warm air and enjoy your snacks while you watch your favorite family-filled movie.

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