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What a Business Name Generator Can Tell You About Choosing a Great Company Name

What a Business Name Generator Can Tell You About Choosing a Great Company Name

When building your business, you may wonder what makes a great company name.

Is it global appeal? Brand recall? Industry relevance? Availability? Well, as a matter of fact, it’s all of those things.

If we look at the world’s largest tech companies in 2023, we see names like Alphabet (responsible for Google), Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and Meta rise to the top. They are the top in terms of market value, but they also remain pillars of memorability when you ask people about what brands come to mind when considering the tech industry. Even people who aren’t invested in the industry know these names by heart.

When you try to emulate that kind of brand recognition, it’s worth looking into how you can create such an exceptional name in the first place. You want to be distinctive, but you also need to be easy to remember. An interesting step is to get some insight from a tool as simple as a business name generator. There are a few things it can tell you about choosing a great company name.

The Significance of Simplicity

Too often, entrepreneurs overcomplicate things in an effort to be disruptive and different. Although you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, this doesn’t mean you have to overlook the value of simplicity. A short name goes a long way when it comes to building brand loyalty and creating visibility in the first place.

The main rules are simple: keep it short, make it easy to spell, and use normal characters. Difficult brand names may offer a more premium perception, but they also come at the risk of not getting enough traction with a general audience.

Research from branding experts shows that brand names with simpler pronunciation and fewer syllables perform better more often than not. Just look at some of the top tech startups making noise this year – Linktree, Babbel, Snackpass, and SoundHound, among others. These all use simple enough words and don’t exceed two syllables. A business name generator inherently prioritizes short and simple names that use language that is easy to understand while matching your input.

Making Your Name Web-Friendly

Practically everything is online these days. Any business that isn’t creating an online presence is just asking for a harder time in terms of scalability and audience connection. It’s especially important to get on the web when you are planning to enter the tech market. Having a tech-focused product or business without having your own website is pretty much unheard of.

A business name generator automatically seeks out available domains when creating its list of suggestions. This gives you a good idea of what domains are out there and what TLDs are getting the most traction. Increasing website traffic is a huge proponent in growing your business, mainly because it increases brand awareness, boosts SEO, and creates more conversions.

Both new and old names in tech prioritize web-friendly names that are easy to look up on a Google search and tie to a domain. Just look at Oracle, Slack, Roblox, and Stripe. You can quickly find these on a search engine and they all have web domains that exactly match their business name.

The Power of Descriptors

Simple shouldn’t equate to vague. When it comes to making a great business name, you want to be as descriptive as possible so that people know what you are offering. Even if you don’t use descriptors that match your products or services, you may want to use other elements like your location. This increases the chances that you are found by relevant users who are more likely to go through with a transaction.

Some of the best digital marketing tips a small business can follow are strategic positioning through digital avenues, business blogging, email marketing, and social media engagement. All of these efforts are much more feasible when you lean into the power of descriptors. You hit the algorithm much better and let your audience know what they’re in for right away.

With a business name generator, you can see what keywords can easily be associated with the industry or main objectives that you may have. Its built-in learned algorithm already takes relevance and best practices into account, so you can gather insight into what descriptors work best.

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