WellTech’s Muscle Booster App Review

With quite literally 1000’s of workout apps on the market today, finding one that worked for me seemed like a never-ending battle. Determining what workouts to do daily, how to maximize my nutrition, and even how to use the exercise equipment at my local gym, were all hurdles I faced that even the most functional fitness planning apps, failed to address. 

Working full-time and managing a household were necessary aspects of achieving the healthy lifestyle I was desperately trying to create for myself.

The WellTech Muscle Booster app has been a game-changer in my fitness journey. The smart training algorithm is based on user fitness levels and personal parameters inputted into the app, to guide you through daily workouts, meal plans, and reaching your personal fitness goals. 

Many unique features within the WellTech Muscle Booster help to progress your fitness journey in a streamlined platform offering so much more than just Workout Tracking.

Variety of Workouts

Within the app’s extensive training library, there are numerous options to choose from for your daily workout. Repeating the same workouts day in and day out has often caused me to grow tired of a popular program and often give up within a few days or weeks. The wide variety of workout options for both, home and at the gym along with the option to add additional workouts based on my current goals has kept me motivated and engaged, daily. Trying new workouts and saving my favorites within the WellTech Muscle Booster app have kept me accountable and eager to fast-track my fitness progress. 

Personalized Training Plans

Having a workout plan that has been crafted using the app’s smart training algorithm in conjunction with my personal preferences and daily progress has become an essential part of my day. Guiding me through exercises with both visual and audio directions, meals are chosen specifically to help achieve my personal fitness goals from thousands of meal options, and the option to add additional workouts that would best benefit my current targeted muscle group has simplified my fitness journey in a personalized way, unique to my desired results.

Workout Previews 

Nothing ruins my motivation to complete a workout faster than a boring workout, or a workout that includes exercises I am unfamiliar with, and then in turn am unable to keep up with the chosen workout. 

MuscleTech’s app has a unique feature where you can preview the workout beforehand, including how long the session will take and what equipment is required. This helps with ensuring the workout is suited to my abilities and has me completing more of my daily workouts, consistently. 

Workout Player 

A surprisingly handy and often overlooked feature of the WellTech fitness app is the simple Workout player that allows you to follow the day’s exercise easily. By offering audio prompts, enjoyable music synchronization, and 3D models that highlight target muscle groups it is amazingly easy to follow workouts and reach goals, over your standard free printable workout sheets. 

For people with chaotic schedules or those who struggle with inconsistency, like me – these features have been beneficial in scheduling time into my day, which I know will truly aid in my fitness journey and help me attain my fitness goals

I bought an Apple Watch for this App 

Admittedly, I gave this app the old “half/hearted” try the first few days after installing it. However, after inputting my personal fitness goals and data specific to my unique body type and lifestyle…The notifications began to resonate with me. 

I did only have time for a 10-minute workout, at home, with zero equipment – there was a workout that fit the criteria perfectly. Later that day, a notification for a dinner idea that took into consideration my diet restrictions… with ingredients I already had! Brilliant. 

As the smart-training algorithm got to know me and my habits it was easier and easier to stay engaged with the app and begin looking forward to the next day’s meals and workout. 

When I have a break in my day or need to do some physical activity to unwind there is an option. 

Once I began to see an improvement in my consistency and my measurements… I splurged on the latest Apple Watch

Being able to incorporate step goals into my fitness planning – while easily tracking my training sessions and statistics, has accelerated my muscle growth and weight loss far faster than any of my previous attempts. 

Home or Gym 

Whether I’m looking for a workout that I can quickly do at home between family errands, or I am ready for a one-hour workout session at my local gym, the WellTech app has options that fit my unique schedule.

When I first began my fitness journey, going to the gym was very intimidating as I had no prior knowledge of how to use the equipment and no time to commit to a weekly personal training session. This app not only instructed me on what exercises to complete to achieve my personal goals, but it also guided me through using the equipment, with both audio and visual prompts. 

Smart-Training Algorithm

As I mentioned, the smart-training algorithm became “smarter” the more consistent I became. These unique features make the Muscle Builder app an ideal option for anyone looking to lose weight, shred fat or gain muscle mass. 

Based on your inputted user preferences such as age, weight, height, personal fitness level, and overall body goals, the app will suggest workouts daily that include a wide range of cardio, strength karma, and recovery exercises as well walking, running, cycling.

As you consistently track your workouts and training statistics within the app, your exercises will become harder As you progress while considering your feedback.

This takes the pressure off achieving weight loss and muscle growth goals without creating brand new workout and meal plans on my own. For someone with a full schedule, this has been one of the key components in reaching my first weight loss goal. 

Trying the WellTechs app is very worthwhile if you’re struggling with consistency or planning your workout circuits, as it specifies exactly how many reps and sets you need to do per exercise. Or if you are fresh out of ideas for meals to stick to your diet restrictions (as I often am) the 1000s of options to choose from are a life-saver on busy nights. 

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