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Websites are Under Attack on Average 172 Times a Day

websites under attack

Website security is a topic that’s talked about frequently, and for good reason. 

Online attacks are on the rise, and new threats are constantly being identified by security professionals. Companies of all sizes have had their websites hacked and sensitive information leaked online, despite the fact that many businesses take reasonable precautions against such breaches.

However, sites can also be compromised in other ways. Many online users are cautious about entering personal information on websites because of recent news stories that have mentioned data breaches at prominent companies.

Attacks on your website’s reputation can also be damaging if not addressed quickly.

Whether you own a business or just manage one, it’s important to understand how hackers get access to so many sites and how you can protect your site from malicious actors.

According to the SiteLock annual report on website security, 7 million websites were analyzed, revealing that websites are attacked an average of 172 times per day. This isn’t very encouraging news, as we see that attacks increased by 210% from 2020 to 2022.

Director of Australia’s leading technology news website Mr. Giannelis says it’s crucial to understand that Google and Bing search engines have some malware detection mechanisms in place if you have an infected website.

“When an infected website is detected, it is instantly blacklisted and removed from search results, preventing further contamination,” he said

“Despite the fact that you can’t prevent cyber criminals from assaulting your website, you can prevent them from succeeding and you must not take anything for granted.”

“You should have a clear strategy in order to keep yourself updated and reduce the risks to your company and your customers,” said Giannelis.

In the wake of the covid epidemic, there have been numerous adjustments to the business landscape in 2022.

The pandemic affected all sizes of businesses, big and small. The pandemic amplified cybercrime as a result of uncertainty around remote working and how to safeguard them.

Cybercrime has risen 600%, thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. Every industry has been forced to adopt new solutions, and companies have been forced to adapt quickly.

By 2025, global corporations will lose $10.5 trillion to cybercrime, up from $3 trillion in 2015. Furthermore, cybercrime is said to be the biggest catalyst for wealth redistribution in history, with a yearly growth rate of 15 percent.

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