Wearable Technology Promotes Cognitive Processes

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Wearable technology is one of the new trends in the technological world. It has been around for a number of years however, lately it has been gaining more popularity. One of the reasons is because of how it can be used and by whom. Wearable technology includes such items as digital bracelets, wearable computers, wearable cameras and wristbands, wearable video cameras, diaper bags, diaper covers and many others. The concept is to take something that people already use daily and make it more comfortable, sometimes without changing the thing itself. It is also meant to be more fun and attractive.

Smart-wear technology has been around a while. It was introduced by the Swedish company FIZZ, which markets such items as palm reading devices, fingerless gloves, sunglasses and key-chains with smart technology integrated in them. The idea was that these items will have Bluetooth capabilities so that they could communicate with hand held electronic devices. A company called LBS started creating these wristbands. They marketed them under the name Wristbands, which stands for “wearable technology devices.” After a few years Wristbands went out of business but they were later re-branded as Connector Wear.

Other wearable technology includes wearables with touch screen capability, wearable cameras, video cameras and computer software that can be downloaded onto the wearable devices and used with the computer. These can be used in classrooms, training rooms, meeting rooms, hospitals and in offices. Wearable technology has even come into the fashion industry and there are now computer accessories that include a wristband like the Fizmos Wearable RFID Smart Phone Trunk Kit and the eSwiss Wearable Keytag. These can also be used as monogramming gifts.

wearable technology

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The latest addition to the wearables market is the Wearable Neuro Linguistic Programming Device or Woven Neuro Linguistic Prosthesis Device. This is a new kind of technology that is worn like a regular shirt. It has a processor inside that interacts with the wearer’s mental images. When this happens, the Woven Neuro Linguistic Prosthesis Device read the wearer’s brain waves to match up with the mental images on the chip. When the wearer wants to make a mental picture of the chip tells the wearer’s brain to make the mental picture.

Wearable technology allows us to take care of our senior citizens with pacemakers and walkers that have become part of the fabric of their lives. We give them walkers and wheelchairs, giving them freedom to move around without assistance. Our military personnel overseas are being trained to carry I Pod wireless backpacks that contain data cards, PDA’s, cell phones and other portable electronic items. These wearable electronics are becoming a very important part of their lives.

As time goes on we will see more bearable being developed. We will see how they improve our cognitive processes in so many ways. We will also see how they decrease injuries from falls and serious accidents. A smart phone is already recording a person’s flight simulation in real time, if a person needs help they can call their friends and family. Wearing these types of wearable devices can definitely improve people’s lives.

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