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Apple iPhone 13

It’s an excellent time to be an Apple iPhone fan, with the release of the latest models on the horizon. While there has been no formal announcement yet, there are plenty of clues to suggest that one is coming soon. Here I’ll piece together all the latest iPhone 13 need-to-know news. 

From previous announcement schedules to promising leaks, there are lots of reasons to get excited. So, read on for all the iPhone 13 release information you need to know. By the end, you’ll have a provisional date that you can put down in your Calendar app. 

When is the iPhone 13 coming out? 

For almost ten years now, Apple has announced its latest generation of iPhones during the annual September Apple Special Event. The only exception came last year when the event was pushed back to October due to coronavirus disruptions. This year, however, it is expected to be held at the same time as usual. 

Hopefully, then, fans of the iconic Apple iPhone won’t have to wait too much longer to find out the release date for sure. If you look back at previous years, it seems likely that the event could be next week. Many predictions have Tuesday, September 14 down, which isn’t long to wait at all. 

After the official announcement, it generally takes around ten days for the new phones to arrive in Apple stores. The release date, then, for the Apple iPhone 13 could potentially be Friday, September 24. 

What is the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max release date?

Other models of the iPhone 13 will also be made available soon, including the iPhone 13 Mini, the iPhone 13 Pro, and the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

The latter is perhaps the most eagerly awaited model. With a larger screen, faster refresh rate, and better battery life, it is the standout of the iPhone 13 family. 

Those hoping to get their hands on the best of the latest iPhone selection are in luck. According to respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will be released simultaneously as the standard model. 

What else will be announced at the 2021 Apple Special Event? 

You don’t just have a release date to look forward to. During the Apple Special Event, the company will finally announce details of the new phones’ features. Here are the rumors onlookers are hoping will be confirmed. 


It’s not just the technology that makes iPhones great but the eye-catching colors as well. The beautiful finishes typically range from sleek and sophisticated to bright and bold. This year’s selection looks set to be no exception. 

The rumored shades receiving the most buzz include a gorgeous rose pink and brilliant orange. If true, the iPhone 13s will be the first Apple phone to come in these colors. In addition, people are expecting a matte black finish, which has been seen on older iPhone models. There may even be some of the shades seen on last year’s cohort, such as purple, green, and blue. 

Design changes 

You can expect some slight changes to the design, too. However, the appearance of the iPhone 13 is predicted to be largely similar to the previous models. The major changes to cross your fingers for include a reduced notch and the removal of the camera bumps. 


Consumers should expect to find out the price of all iPhone 13 models when they are formally announced. To help set your expectations, some believe that Apple will keep its prices the same as last year. However, despite the minimal upgrades between generations, others are forecasting price hikes

All about the iPhone 13 release date 

While the specifics are uncertain, it’s likely that Apple lovers won’t have to wait long to find out more about the next-generation iPhone. With the September Special Event looming up ahead, the Apple iPhone 13 release date is unlikely to be far off. And, with the release date confirmed, many more hotly anticipated details are sure to follow. 

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