WAGMI v2 is Set to Accelerate Boba Network’s Ongoing Growth


Boba Network is an Ethereum scaling solution that is making the network faster, cheaper, and smarter.  It leverages the Optimistic Rollup scaling solution for lower gas fees and higher throughput. Based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), it allows smart contracts to scale and improves UI.

The network has resorted to effective strategies that have helped developers and users get familiar with these advantages. WAGMI is an incentive program that has accelerated the growth of the Boba Network.  

In the past, it has brought in over 30 projects which are now working on the network. Once there, they cite low gas fees and fast transaction speeds as their main motivators to keep working with Boba.

The team has since announced its new iteration, WAGMI v2, which was released on April 1st. It will feature important upgrades to BOBA’s liquidity mining, ecosystem growth, and developer activity. The development team has stated that WAGMI v2 will offer greater rewards for users of dapps on the Boba Network.

More so, the new program will feature:

  • A rewards pool increase of up to $3 million worth of BOBA
  • dApp-specific KPIs where users will earn rewards
  • A reduced redemption period
  • New partners and collaborators

The Boba Network is welcoming interested users and developers. To get involved and earn rewards, review the list of partner dapps that will be shared on the WAGMI information page. Any feedback is also appreciated via Discord. This will inform the release of the upcoming WAGMI v3.

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