Virtual Humans: The Undervalued Tech Stocks to Check Out Now

Under the new environment and new forms of business, the metaverse industry is the focus of the development of The Times. How to seize the lead in the surging metaverse wave? How to integrate into the metaverse value chain and find new growth points in this wave of new trends? Break through the fog and explore the essence and value of metaverse. From the current point of view, everything about metaverse focuses on the industry track with growth potential and then looks like the representatives of relevant enterprises, there may be a clear outline and direction here.

As an emerging concept, “metaverse” has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. The most representative definition of the metaverse is that “metaverse” is a virtual space parallel to the real world and independent of the real world, and it is an increasingly real digital virtual world reflecting the real world. To facilitate understanding, the metaverse can be considered the “next generation of the Internet”. The virtual world metaverse sees is so real, giving you a whole new digital world from both visual and auditory dimensions.

AR/VR field

In essence, the metaverse is not a technology, but a social form formed after the integration of multiple cutting-edge technologies. The main drivers of metaverse technology development include 5G, communication technology, cloud computing technology, decentralized technology layer, virtual technology (AR / VR), and digital twin technology. The best carrier to experience the “metaverse” is undoubtedly all kinds of AR / VR devices. Compared with the ordinary screen display, the addition of motion sensing control and more immersive display methods can make ordinary users get an immersive feeling in the “metaverse space”.

As the key to opening the metaverse “oasis” door, —— VR / AR technology has already been extended from games to education, business clothing, exhibition, cultural tourism, and other aspects. In the 5G era, cloud technology + AI + AR / VR provides unlimited technology soil for metaverse and will have the opportunity to change the shape of the Internet. It can be said that, with the gradual improvement of infrastructure and the rapid growth of market demand, VR / AR virtual reality technology has been on the eve of large-scale commercial applications, and global technology enterprises have also begun to the layout.

Apple (AAPL) Apple is a smart hardware giant. As the most valuable tech company, it hasn’t yet launched its real VR / AR devices, but there are signs that it has been stepping up on how the late-minded Tim Cook will surprise the public.

As an Internet giant, Alibaba (BABA) has enough market share. Alibaba insiders said that the company’s future business is related to the metaverse, and the new establishment of “Mr.Yuanjie” may provide a further layout for Alibaba in the metaverse game field. In addition, the head of the XR lab at the Alibaba Damo Institute said, ” Alibaba has joined the metaverse Standards Forum and looks forward to accelerating constructive dialogue with global industry leaders to advance new development initiatives in the metaverse sector.

Tencent (TCEHY) is a layout metaverse in multiple fields around its social platform and content ecology, and is heading towards the “true Internet”. Tencent invested in metaverse’s first Roblox, launched the innovative sandbox MMO My Origins, and also invested in the game engine company Epic, which is involved in key areas such as AR, VR, music, social networking, and the Internet.

WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has grown rapidly in the past year or two. At present, it’s AR / VR and other technologies have become increasingly mature, building metaverse access channels, technically solving the problem of the interaction between the virtual world and the real world, and constantly improving the user experience. In addition, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has 4,600 AR / VR equity IP content, laying further the foundation for entering the metaverse market. In the future, we will focus on 5G, cloud computing, blockchain, and other technologies to support the building of a metaverse virtual world.

Virtual Humans

Industry insiders, in the era of metaverse popularity, are the most likely to appear quickly in Virtual Humans. Virtual Humans is an important player in the metaverse, making the metaverse more intuitive to people. By technical classification, Virtual Humans can be divided into live-driven and compute-driven. The two have great differences in the production process, applicable scenarios, influencing factors, and other aspects.

In the metaverse, Virtual Humans rely on AI technology to undertake the service functions in its metaverse, and even the second identity of everyone, achieving thousands of Virtual Humans people. Virtual Humans will become a trend hotspot of a metaverse in this long-term trend, which will naturally attract investment from large tech companies. Netease (NTES) focuses on AI and VR, has made some Virtual Humans-related investments, including virtual character social platform IMVU, “Virtual Humans” ecological company secondary culture, and also laid out the AR / VR field, Netease also has Fuxi Laboratory, focusing on the application of artificial intelligence in game research and development.

Station B (BILI), which started with content, also began to invest heavily in the metaverse. Since 2013, Station B has invested in nearly 21 game companies, and now also has more than 32,000 Virtual Humans. In 2020, more than 60% of world-famous virtual anchors started broadcasting on B station; in 2021, B station began to test the Virtual Humans cultivation function, which is regarded as a step to entering the metaverse. As a platform with rich virtual anchors in China, Station B has formed the attribute of a virtual image for content creation. At the Virtual Humans circuit, Station B occupies a good position.


metaverse’s “popularity” began in March 2021, when the metaverse concept stock Roblox was listed in the US, and the domestic and overseas giants entered the market. These entrants also include other “established” companies involved in developing VR, AR, Virtual Humans, and other technologies, such as Microsoft and Baidu and other rising stars who have quickly captured the metaverse concept.

Given the competition of companies, the direction of the bet is dazzling. Many companies want to catch up with this hot spot, but because they can not see the direction, and do not know how to cut in, the direction is not very clear, the author thinks, might as well pay attention to the relevant concept stocks mentioned above, there is a beacon. In short, the world is in a new round of science and technology explosion era, rational and clear to understand and meet this imaginative metaverse!


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