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Trend Report – European Technology Stocks: Counting on Innovative Power in Times of Change

Trend Report - European Technology Stocks

At a time in which the markets for technology stocks in Europe are characterized by temporary ups and downs, their fundamental standing and importance for the overall regional and international economic development remains undiminished. These four stocks not only represent short term investment opportunities but are also drivers of innovation that drive a wide range of industries and deem them fit for the future. 

The choice of which European technology companies to invest in is currently not as clear-cut under uncertain market conditions. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to four interesting European technology stocks that currently stand out, especially in the face of the current market volatility, due to their unique strengths and promising mid- to long-term prospects. Their developments and successes are far-reaching and contribute to shaping the technological landscape in Europe and beyond. Here are our recommendations for investors and interested parties looking for forward-looking opportunities in the world of technology:

GFT Technologies SE (WKN: 580060)

Stuttgart-based GFT Technologies SE focuses on IT services and software development for the insurance and financial sectors as well as industrial companies. The company also offers consulting and development services in the areas of cloud engineering, AI and mainframe modernization. With a current price of 25.12 euros per share (as of Sept. 25, 2023), the stock may be in a sideways movement, but due to its relevance to various industries, it could well gain value again in the future.

cyan AG (WKN: CYAG01)

cyan AG, a global technology company with a focus on telecommunications in the DACH region, specializes in self-developed white-label IT security solutions. With the increasing number of mobile customers and SIM cards worldwide, as well as the growing IoT connectivity, the demand for cybersecurity solutions is growing. Since April 2023, cyan’s share price has shown a significant upward trend and is currently trading at 1.66 euros, with a remarkable increase of 34.96% percent in the last six months (as of Sept. 22, 2023).

AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG (WKN: ATS028)

Austria’s AT&S AG, headquartered in Leoben, is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality printed circuit boards and IC substrates. Its expertise in HDI microvia technology is particularly noteworthy. Although AT&S stock is currently in a slight downtrend, trading at EUR 28.50 (as of Sept. 25, 2023), the company still has considerable potential due to its importance to the mobile, automotive electronics and medical technology industries, especially in times of technological innovation.


The shares of AIXTRON, a leading company based in Herzogenrath, Germany, which manufactures deposition equipment for the semiconductor industry, have increased significantly in value in recent years. Currently, AIXTRON shares are trading at €33.31 (as of Sept. 25, 2023), following a significant increase in value of 156 percent over the last three years. The devices developed by AIXTRON are widely used in innovative technologies, including signaling and lighting, display and LED technology, as well as communications and power conversion.

To summarize: despite fluctuations, certain European technology stocks remain promising as they represent crucial components for the development and growth of a multitude of industries. It is advisable to keep an eye on these companies and the European tech sector in general, as they will continue to play a significant role on the way forward.

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