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Video Conferencing Saves Time and Costs


Videoconferencing is the technology for transmission and reception of audio-video data by users at different locations, mostly for communication by means of electronic devices. A videoconferencing phone is a handset with a digital video screen, capable of simultaneously receiving and viewing audio-video data for communication by means of electronic devices. These days, most offices and homes have these gadgets for smooth communication. Videoconferencing services involve long distance calls at discounted prices, allowing the people to speak with one another across huge distances.

Videoconferencing is basically a conference call between two or more persons in which the video-screen is used as the interface to convey messages and instructions. Videoconferencing consists of many different components, such as camera feed, two way audio transmissions, data interchange, and application sharing, which allows participants to use their computers to participate in the conference. Videoconferencing can be used for desktop and web conferences. It is capable of data exchange over a network of various computers and servers, and allows participants to share visual information with each other. Some of the typical applications that are commonly used in video conferencing include web conferencing, which is essential for business conferences and meetings, and mobile web conferencing, which can be used to share information on the go.


Video Conferencing

Businessmen and companies use video conferencing to improve their productivity. Video Conferencing consists of multi-media presentations such as audio and video; it enables collaboration among employees who are spread across the globe. The use of video conferencing has increased tremendously with the introduction of various tools such as Skype, which is free software for voice and video chat. Video Conferencing also involves the use of various accessories, such as screen capture devices, which allow the audience to see the presenter (who is seated far away from the group), as well as provide additional context.

Video conferencing solution is also helpful in conducting seminars and training sessions in which the participants are located in separate locations. These sessions can be conducted in any type of location where there is an availability of Internet connection. Video Conferencing consists of various types of technology, such as closed circuit television, which transmits the video signals, and IPTV, which enables high speed transmission of data. Other video conferencing solutions include desktop video conferencing, which uses a computer video conferencing system for a small group of users at a time; visual collaboration using video chat applications such as Skywind or NetMeeting, and remote support software for a large number of users. Video Conferencing solution used in business environment includes desktop video conferencing, online video conferencing, and video teleconferencing.

There are numerous Video Conferencing solutions available, and the best method to select them is based on the needs and requirements of an organization. Some of the most popular Video Conferencing systems are Microsoft PowerPoint, Live Meeting, WebEx, Zentec, Ovation, and Microsoft Lync. As technology is continuously evolving, new Video Conferencing solutions are developed, which offer new features and enhancements in Video Conferencing. These new Video Conferencing solutions improve upon the basic features, such as picture quality, clarity, and speed.

Video Conferencing also provides organizations with the opportunity to conduct different kinds of face-to-face meetings across the globe, without incurring travel expenses. Video Conferencing allows users to communicate over long distances at low costs. It also saves time, improves productivity, and helps solve communication problems in the workplace. With new technologies like HD Video Conferencing and 3D Video Conferencing, organizations are able to conduct effective and productive meetings, even when the location is far off. Thus, Video Conferencing helps businesses to enhance their productivity and cut down on costs, which in turn helps them to earn more profit.

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