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How to Set Up a Conference Call in 2020


Setting up conference calls in 2020 is as easy as ever. Business software technology has functionality nearly perfected, and now developers are focused on streamlining and integrating processes, simplifying the user experience as much as possible. 

You no longer have to be a tech guru to look like you know what you are doing when you use new technology to advance your business in the 21st century.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

Coming across as the professional that you are is easier when you have all the right equipment. Your video conferencing software should be accessible for you, your colleagues, and your clients.

For example, you can host webinars for free regularly with the webinar software MyOwnConference. It provides a free account for 20 attendees for lifelong use. If you need more attendees, you can just buy a one-time plan without a monthly or annual subscription. This is so comfortable and cost-savvy when you hold your webinar from time to time.

Above all, MyOwnConference is an entirely web-based software, so you and your attendees can join the webinar in one click from any device. This platform offers all features needed for engaging webinars: whiteboard, chat, polls, surveys, quizzes, content sharing, private message, and much more.

Multiple Joining Options

Avoid starting your meeting with frustrated participants by making sure your software has multiple joining options. This way, everyone can focus on important business instead of how high their blood pressure spikes every time they have to do a conference call. 

  • Mobile Video Conferencing

Many modern video conferencing services offer an app that allows you to join and manage video conferences right from your phone, so participants do not even have to be in the office in order to participate in your meeting. 

  • Free Video Conferencing

You also want to be able to give your clients free video conferencing options no matter where they are in the world, so use a software that offers web connection as well as toll-free and local dial-in numbers. This way, anyone who needs to dial in does not incur charges on their end.

  • Easy To Join Video Conferencing

No one wants to spend half the morning looking for the login information for your meeting. Use a service that makes it as easy as the click of a button to join. When you use an integrated video conferencing service, you can even use your calendar to send invitations that include the link to take participants directly to the meeting.

In-Meeting Features

Video conferencing offers the benefit of face-to-face contact, but you can make even more of an impact with the right in-meeting features.

  • File Sharing

Modern video conferencing software allows you to share your files right within the meeting, instead of having to wait until after the meeting is over. This allows you to collaborate on documents as they come up, making sure everyone is on the same page at all times.

  • Screen Sharing

Demonstrating software, training others in procedure, and driving your sales point home couldn’t get easier when you can share your screen with a simple click of the mouse. Show everyone in the meeting exactly what you are talking about and get everyone thinking along the same line, by sharing what is on your screen in real-time.

Send Out the Invites

Get all the details of your meeting in order, and send out your invitations. The nice thing about modern video conferencing software is that you can integrate scheduling into your calendar. 

Schedule your meeting, choose invitees, and a message will be sent with all the joining information so they can enter with one click. You can even set up reminders that come straight from your calendar, to keep you and your colleagues on track to be on time.

Prepare Your Settings Ahead of Time

Even if you stay up all night preparing the material for your presentation, it will not make the impression you intend if you spend the first five minutes of your meeting fumbling around with your settings. 

Instead, get comfortable with all the features and settings of your software ahead of time. Preferably at least a day before. Be prepared in every way, for the most productive meeting you can have.

Customized Video and Audio

Check to make sure your camera, microphone, and speaker are working. Set your microphone far enough away from your speakers that they won’t cause feedback in your call. Set your audio input volume and output sensitivity, and adjust the video settings for the lighting in your room if you are able.

Meeting Flow

Comprehensive video conferencing software allows you complete control over the flow of your meeting—as long as you know how to use it. Spend some time getting familiar with your software’s features so you do not have to waste time and attention, and you can avoid embarrassing blunders during your meeting. 

Good software will allow you to mute the person eating the potato chips from their lunch, switch to a different presenter, hold a productive question and answer session, privately message with other participants, switch who your focus is on, and even share files and screens in real-time. 

Know Your Technology

Going above and beyond is an excellent way to make a good impression. Whether you are generally tech-savvy or not, you need to know the ins and outs of your video conferencing software if you are hosting a meeting. Be aware of potential problems other people may have in connecting to your meeting, and know how to fix those problems. The easier it is for everyone, the less they will dread conference days. They (and you) may even start to look forward to them.

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