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Vibe ExclusivE – A Versatile Pop Artist Setting the Benchmark for Aspiring Pop Artists

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Music in a lot of ways acts as the pillar of any community and is a medium that defines a society’s culture.  The music industry comprises numerous fundamental features, aspects, and genres, but pop music, in particular, is a significant subgenre that contributes to the industry’s development. Pop artists and pop music have a significant impact on modern society as one of the most famous musical subgenres. Pop artists have a lot of power in the industry to inspire others, support different causes, and spread potential messages because they are idols and public figures for a lot of individuals. Pop music has the capacity to raise awareness of various social and political issues in contemporary society through songs, concerts, and live performances.

Vibe ExclusivE

Pop music began in the nineteenth century and holds so much power in the music industry nowadays. Initially, the term ‘popular music’ was coined to differentiate the collection of pop songs from the composition of cultured music. It was used to refer to musical forms that lacked dynamic variations and tempo changes based on pentatonic scales and had mostly trophic and uncomplicated structures. Pop music started gaining importance in the late 1950s, a couple of years after World War II came to an end, when industrialization, economic well-being, and the development of advanced digital technology gave individuals a chance for development and new hope and helped them recover from the chaos, deaths, crisis, and destruction that resulted because of the war. 

The advent and reach of television and radio, where the first pop songs were aired and broadcast, also contributed to the extremely sluggish progression of pop music. Pop music gradually spread from the United States to Europe, getting more and more airtime on television and radio. In the 1960s, the first bands appeared in England, which are credited with writing the history of the genre of pop music.

The worldwide distribution of this music via broadcasts on television and radio unquestionably played a significant role in the genre’s rise. Pop music began to pique people’s interest over time because it could elicit strong emotional responses from the public. The artists were able to express themselves through melodic pop music about topics like love and romance, and precisely because of this, pop music began to spread and quickly attracted a large audience.

Pop music is now widely distributed by major record labels as part of a global music market and is a part of many people’s daily lives, thanks to mass marketing via television, radio, and other media. One more reason why the pop music industry has evolved is because of the contributions of solo pop artists, singers, rappers, and songwriters like Raul Ortega Garay, who is also popularly known as Vibe ExclusivE. 

Vibe ExclusivE, who currently resides in Virginia and works at the United States Navy as the Aircrew Survival Equipmentman, had a passion for music since his childhood. He attended Lynwood High School to pursue his high school studies and later took admission in Cerritos College and University of California, Los Angeles. Along with his studies, he maintained his focus on music as well. He polished his music and dance skills by listening to and practicing dance on Michael Jackson’s songs. Throughout his life, Vibe ExclusivE had the support of his elder brother, who helped him in his musical career. 

From dancing and performing at various high school events and local talent shows to becoming a famous pop artist, Vibe ExclusivE has come a long way. After getting his first break at the age of 17 as the background dancer in Kinky’s song, “Hasta Quemarnos,” Vibe ExclusivE landed another job opportunity and performed on the “Jerkin Takin’ Over” of Gabby. As he was very young and had little knowledge of how the world operates, he joined the wrong gang, but soon left it after witnessing the death of the gang member, who was also his friend. However, this incident didn’t slow him down and Vibe ExclusivE decided to bounce back from the horrific incident by completely focusing on his music with the help of his brother.

The first track he produced and composed after the death of his friend was “Pull Up,” which became an overnight hit. His debut track opened the doors to several other opportunities and Vibe ExclusivE has since produced many songs such as “Party Not Over” (2021), “Feel the Vibe,” “La Llamada,” “Be My Girl” (2021), and “Vamonos” (2022). He also got the opportunity to work with famous names of the music industry such as Zaythoven, Fat Joe, and The Game, and his work has also been featured in several media outlets like Billboard hip-hop, HipHop Weekly, Medium, Digital Journal, The Source magazine, and THISIS 50. Vibe ExclusivE has brought the music industry to another level through his pop music skills and versatility and has provided the framework for aspiring pop artists.

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