Utkarsh Raj Recommends 3 Dropshipping Tools for Your Online Business


Dropshipping allows you to sell products and services of other brands without worrying about hiring a warehouse to store everything. Of course, if you manufacture your own products, you may not use dropshipping. But sites like eBay and Amazon rely on dropshipping as they don’t manufacture anything. 

Utkarsh Raj, a 19-year old rising entrepreneur, believes that dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to get your feet wet in the e-commerce industry. He also adds that merely using dropshipping technology is not enough for any online business. You need to make the most of various dropshipping tools to manage cross-sales automatically and better product recommendations. Here are a few must-use dropshipping tools recommended by Utkarsh.

1) Google AdWords

According to Utkarsh Raj, machine learning is the future of the e-commerce industry. It makes online shopping easier. For example, it can suggest products based on the items you had searched earlier. Together with artificial intelligence, devices can use machine learning to understand your search queries. But wouldn’t it be great if search engines provide website suggestions based on the products and services you want? That’s where Google AdWords kicks in.

This dropshipping tool promotes your website when your target audience searches for similar products that you sell. If you sell pens, and someone wants to buy pens online, Google AdWords will recommend your website. This increases the chances of your site to attract customers. Although this works on a pay-per-click scheme, Utkarsh assures that it can highlight your company from the rest.

2) Google Trends

Your website may not pop up on search engines unless you invest heavily on SEO services. But with Google Trends, you can understand what your target audience wants before he/she searches for similar products online. This allows you to streamline your suggestions so that you can entice the visitors into buying the products they might need later. 

Suppose you buy a mobile phone online. You will also require a back-cover and a screenguard for that phone. Instead of waiting for the customer to search these products, Google Trends will provide trending products related to the phone, such as back-cover, earphones, and screenguard. Like Google AdWords, Google Trends also combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide smart suggestions according to the latest trends.

3) Mailchimp

According to Utkarsh, email marketing is still relevant even in the times of social media marketing. And Mailchimp is an ideal dropshipping tool offering you a marketing automation platform. All you need to do is create a link between Mailchimp and your online store. This enables Mailchimp to provide effective email marketing campaigns to your target audience. Whenever you want to launch a new product or offer discounts, this tool sends emails to all your customers.

One of the reasons why Utkarsh recommends this tool to everyone is it tracks your ROI. It can detect customers who respond to email campaigns

Dropshipping provides millions of opportunities to make your e-commerce business popular. But you should also use these tools suggested by Utkarsh Raj to ensure significant ROI.

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