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Payment Link – your door to the online business

It always seems impossible until it’s done, said Nelson Mandela. And a process of moving business online can definitely relate to this statement. Even a thought of it makes you freeze of the number of associated unknowns. Where to find developers to make a website, how long does it take to make one, what would be the costs associated with it, is it worth it, at all… To ease the minds of all entrepreneurs who are new to online business we have prepared an alternative path which would have zero unknowns. Clear and simple way, following which you will be able to start your e-commerce within a day. Have a look. 

Going online in 24 hours is possible

For a start – having a website is optional. Even though for some buyers it might look slightly less usual, there are other product demonstration options, thus another way to make business online. Social media is one of those. Having an account on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest eliminates the need for another webplace. You can list the products and their price, communicate with the audience about the offers and delivery options and receive feedback in a form of reviews. What else do you need?

Payment Link – your door to the online business

The only thing left – receiving payments. Given the importance of non-contact delivery this time, cash might not be a preferable option anymore. Thus you need to receive cards. The most convenient way is a payment link. You can send the invoice in the form of a link – in an email or a message. By opening the link, the customer is taken to the payment page, where it is possible to make a payment using a Visa or Mastercard card. Once the payment has been made, Decta Payment Gateway will display information about the successful payment and you can start delivering the goods or services right away.

Apart from the gateway term, it sounds easy, doesn’t it? To make it clearer and slightly more profound, let’s see how it works and then – how can you start using it. 

There is a platform that helps you to make invoices and connects your client’s credit cards with your company bank account. It is called Payment Gateway. Decta Payment Gateway enables you to generate links, customize your invoices, keep a list of goods and their prices in order. It is a convenient tool and serves the main purpose – you do get the payments. 

The companies providing such services are payment service providers. Just like banks, but better. As banks – we are regulated, hold licences and are members of payment systems Visa and Mastercard. Unlike banks – we are much friendlier, much less bureaucratic and much more technically advanced. Thus – we allow merchants to connect to our system fast and do not scrutinize our clients with unnecessary steps.  

To connect to the platform:

  1. Contact our team through or fill in an application on a website;
  2. Answer several questions about the way you do and structure business; 
  3. Show us the legal part: company structure and ownership documents for swift legal and compliance review.

If you are still hesitant – whether or not you need to go online or keep social media updated is too much of a hassle for you, it is still fine. Sell over the phone, Whatsapp or email. Payment links will work for you the same way!


Decta – a UK company is a leading processing center and provider of end-to-end services for payment processing, acquiring and card issuing for thousands of customers worldwide – including banks, financial organizations, payment services providers and online merchants. Decta Limited is a fully licensed e-money institution, authorised by the FCA UK to provide financial services. The company is certified with the highest PCI DSS Level 1 standard and holds VISA and Mastercard Principal Member status. By combining its extensive business expertise, cutting-edge technology and individual approach to every customer, Decta delivers tailored solutions. We enable our partners to solve business challenges, increase global reach, minimize risk and reduce costs. Decta specialises in Acquiring, Online payments, Payment card processing, Financial services, E-commerce, Cards white-label solutions, Fraud and risk management, BIN Sponsorship, Payment services for forex, gaming, gambling, travel and other industries, Recurring payments, and Payments to the card.

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