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Using Modern Digital Marketing Technologies To Your Advantage This Summer (And Beyond!)

Digital Marketing Technologies

The summer has started and though the mercury is rising, it also brings about a lot of business activity all around the globe.

Digital marketing is an integral part of any business now. Even if we believe that we have covered all our bases, there is still a lot to do. Indeed, every now and then we find the digital marketing technology news of what is coming up next and iteration of past strategies revisited.

That’s because it is an ever evolving arena and you will see tons of digital make ring tech news out there.

If your firm is one that is gearing up for the summers, perhaps you should also revisit the seven tried and tested methods. If your work is not dependent on summers, well, it wouldn’t harm to go through anyway!

Social Media

Who doesn’t know social media today, right? From creating simple posts to having a massive group of followers that you can interact with, social media is one of the key digital marketing technologies. In fact, this should be your standard arsenal in today’s world where consumers are relying more on it than going to your website.

Social media is a perfect tool for creating your brand voice, publishing thought leadership and even a direct sales channel. The key here is to analyze and understand what your social media presence is most efficient at.

If your social media is more about handling customer inquiries, perhaps a bot is the best option. On the other hand, if you believe that posts that attract customers and eventually funnel into sales is how your organization makes the best use of social media, perhaps using tools that allow you to schedule and post are the best bet. The best would be plugins for your website that can directly take your web posts and create social media ones and post across multiple channels.

Paid Media

If you are not using the power of money, have we got digital marketing news for you!

Remember, nothing in life is free. Use different digital channels and to look for paid options like PPC, banners and targeted advertisement.

This seems very similar to what you might already be doing with your social media, but trust us, this will bring your game to a whole new level.

Making posts in social media will only be visible to people who follow you and though you can enhance your outreach with tactics like convincing your followers to share the posts, it will have a limited reach in the public.

Paid media ups your game here. From having your advertisement banners on websites you believe your target market is most likely to visit to using YouTube to have your ad run between videos can be worth your while.

Just make sure you define your target market as well as you can so the platform’s algorithm can run your ads to the right people for a good ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

Welcome to the dark wizardry of marketing. Keywords, density, audits and other terms may make SEO look like a sci-fi version of magic, but SEO is one of the most important tech you can have.

It is tough, yes. Especially since search engines like Google are constantly adjusting their algorithms and you will find you and your team revisiting posts and ads to fine tune after every few months. But that is worth it in our opinion as a proper SEO will keep you up in the search list and most visible.

If you search for digital marketing tech news, you will find tons of SEO tools, such as Moz and DeepCrawl that can help you understand what you lack and what your competitors are up to.


Yes, we understand that emails may seem outdated, but they still have a huge role to play in your digital marketing.

Depending on your branding and marketing strategy, emails must be an integral part. From cold calling to regular newsletters, they can still net in customers who may not be that active on social media or browsing.

The best part is, you can integrate your social media posts and SEO to make sure your emails carry all the best of attraction.

If you can invest in tools that let you personalize emails (from simple things such as addressing the potential client by name to presenting offerings that match their profile), this can be nearly as effective as any other digital marketing tool.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know how to make the best of different digital marketing technologies and tools, you can strategize on what the content should be. Try to have it done best to attract customers, but at the same time strike a balance so that it can be repurposed with minimal changes.

Happy hunting!

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