How To Buy Used Medical Equipment On A Tight Budget

Used Medical Equipment

Good human health is not only pivotal towards individual happiness, but to global and national economy. The corresponding sector saddled with the maintenance and improvement of human health is the health or healthcare industry. It comprises both private and government players concerned and passionate about the health and care of people or patients by providing medical assistance, manufacturing and marketing of medical equipment, procedures and drugs.

The success of this sector is partly dependent on availability of instruments or equipment for operations, procedures and daily medical activities, which will be the focus of this article. If published medical article on Attania (2018) is to be held as true, health institutions spend around $93 billion annually on medical equipment ( It goes without saying how expensive they could be, especially if purchased new. The average prices of some of this common medical equipment would be highlighted below:

  • MRI Scanner: $60,000-400,000
  • X-Ray: $3,000-200,000
  • Anesthesia Machine: $9,000-15,000
  • Beds: $500-10,000
  • Ultrasound machine: $200,000-1,000,000
  • Radiotherapy machine: $3 million upwards
  • Operating table: $50,000 and above

These prices should not be taken authoritatively as they represent only our best guesses on the cost of these medical instruments brand new. While considering the cost of these instruments, rate of depreciation and maintenance should also be considered. These results into a high expenditure and recurring ones for health facilities. Is there any way round this for hospitals to reduce cost of equipment or anything to leverage on?

How to Buy Used Medical Equipment on a Tight Budget

In bids to manage tight-knit budgets while acquiring standard medical equipment and providing required health services, health facilities now resorts to used medical equipment for sale, cheaper than its brand-new alternative. Only few facilities have the budget to afford new, sophisticated devices. How can health facilities on shrinking budgets afford standard equipment? One approach to this problem is through purchasing used health equipment. This approach also considers the risks attached to purchasing used medical equipment. The steps towards this and necessary questions to be asked would be highlighted below.

What is the Need?

Is there a pressing need for this purchase which spending limited resources can justify? Is it a fulfilment for a short term need or longer? If the answer to these questions are “yes” and there are no any alternative equipment performing similar function, then the health institution can proceed with the purchase. The equipment must also have overall functionality, either as a better replacement to the older equipment or as a new equipment hitherto absent. The need of patients and better health care should be the driving force when thinking or making this purchase.

Research Where to Buy and Identify the Best Option

The succeeding step after identifying need is researching how to go about making the purchase. Buyers should also compare and consider favorable policies when deciding on the “where” and make the best decision off this. Some favorable policies include warranties and option to return.

What is the Condition and Is It Safe to Use?

The condition of the equipment should be considered before the purchase. This step is very important as the equipment will be having direct impact on human lives. If it is an online purchase, camera pictures should be provided by the seller which shows clear physical features of the product with no sign of damage. In addition to this, either an online purchase on not, physical inspections should also be made. Verification or inspection can take place either directly or by a trusted third party. Important things to look out for include physical and working conditions, year it was purchased and receipts, service records, etc. After the purchase, then a full-body sterilization should be carried out.

Fair Price and Negotiation

Make sure to get a fair price by comparing different options and avoid over negotiating so you get a good balance between price and quality. Buyers should also know current market price of the equipment, extent of use and depreciation value to be able to make more informed decision.

The Most Efficient and Reliable Way to Find Second Hand Medical Equipment

There are numerous online platforms where used medical equipment can be traded. Some of these would be highlighted below:

Reputable Companies: They can be purchased from popular, established health facilities upgrading their old equipment with new, sophisticated ones. This equipment is often well used and worth the cost.

Equipment Companies: Manufacturing companies purchase old health equipment from doctors or health facilities and refurbish. Buying refurbished equipment is another cheaper alternative, although might be more expensive than buying directly from the seller.

Online Stores: There are general online sites like Alibaba, eBay, Craigslist,, but buyers must be very careful when making purchases through these medium. You must scrutinize and inspect the product and seller thoroughly and ask as much questions as you can.

Specialized Online Platforms: Instead of going to general online sites like the aforementioned ones, there are specialized sites that deal only with medical equipment. Few of these specialized platforms are: DOTmed, Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP), and not forgetting Amber Diagnostics.

Medical Facilities Closing Up: This might be hard to find if you have little to no access to information, but a good source for this purpose nonetheless.

With the limited resources and tight budget the health sector is faced with, there is increasing need of how these limited resources can be optimally used, while providing standard and quality services to people at the same time. Amber Diagnostics provides one of the best solutions to this. It combines buying, selling and temporary renting of used and refurbished medical equipment, which most platforms doesn’t provide. They also provide maintenance and repair, which they achieve by maintaining relationship with buyers over the lifespan of a product. They also possess a return-on-investment calculator which determines how your investment in purchasing a used radiology equipment is going to benefit your business. Most importantly, it is a patient-driven organization providing quality imaging equipment to individual and businesses, with a good track record spanning 27 years. So, if you are hoping to get a quality used or refurbished health equipment, Amber Diagnostics is not only a safe bet, but the best bet to help your business.

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