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Use a Percentage Calculator App for Your Benefit

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a mathematical query when calculating a percentage? Do you often need help working with a traditional calculator when finding the correct answer to a complicated equation?

If yes, you need a percentage calculator app. With just a few clicks on your mobile phone, you can calculate the percentage of even the most complicated mathematical questions and save tons of time. 

In this article, let’s discuss everything you may need to know before installing this application. 

Why Do You Need a Percentage Calculator App?

You might already be aware of the percentage formula. If not, here is how it goes. 

A percentage is an amount, number, or rate in every hundred. It is a certain proportion of a whole. 

The formula to calculate a percentage is quite simple. It is the value/total value*100. 

However, the formula is not as easy to use in practical work as it may seem on your screen. You may come up with complex numbers that might be hard to solve without a calculator. 

Also, not everyone is good at Maths. Therefore, it might be difficult for them to calculate a percentage without support. 

Some people are always running short on time. In that case, a percentage calculator app may seem handy when shopping or depositing money. 

It is also a feasible option when solving accounting queries, filling out tax returns, or simply calculating the amount of your total salary spent on groceries. 

A calculator app saves you the time and effort required to calculate the percentage of any given proportion. 

Additionally, an app is much more helpful than a calculator. You don’t have to feed in the formula like you would do in a traditional calculator. 

The app applies the formula on its own, saving you the hassle of learning before using it. 

Since the application is available on your mobile phone, you can access it in a more convenient way than a calculator. 

How Does the Percentage Calculator App Work?

This app helps you calculate even the most complicated percentage within seconds. 

This application has a user-friendly interface and lots of amazing features, making it easy for even a kid to use it easily. 

So, if you find it tough to calculate a percentage ratio or measure a percentage of a particular proportion, the percentage calculator app presents you with the results pretty quickly.

You can use this mobile application to calculate the following:

  • Change in a percentage
  • Reverse percentages
  • Percentage of a number
  • Increase or decrease in percentages
  • Discount calculation in percentage
  • Calculation of the interest rate
  • Compound interest
  • Mortgage
  • And many other percentage-related queries

When you input specific data into the calculator, the app performs specific mathematical operations as guided by your activity.

Suppose you wish to calculate a percentage change for a given scenario. In that case, click on the given operation or functions, and let the application come up with an answer. 

The best thing is that you don’t need to be an expert in mathematics to resolve any query. You also don’t require previous knowledge when handling a percentage problem on the app. 

Does This Application Have Downsides?

The application is designed to support you on simple and complicated mathematics tasks daily. However, since it is an app, it may have inevitable glitches. 

In that case, close the application and restart your device. This way, it might start working effortlessly again. 

Besides, with a percentage calculator on your phone, you may get too dependent on it. And on instances when it fails to perform well, you might get stuck with an issue on hand.

To overcome this problem, try learning from the application as well. You can calculate some percentages on your own and check your answer with the app. 

How to Download This App To Your Phone?

You can find this app on Android and iOS devices and use it without any charges. 

However, if you wish to use the app without seeing all the ads, you can pay a small amount and get it on your smartphone. 

Support Available

In case of any query or doubt about the application’s performance, a support team is available to offer you guidance. This application lets you share your problem with your name and email address. 

If you don’t want to submit the query directly from the website, send your questions to 

Final Takeaway

Gone are the days when you had to keep a calculator by your side to calculate percentages and other mathematical problems. 

If you often find yourself stuck with a percentage-related query, stop wasting time and use the percentage calculator app. It is handy, easy to use, and has many features. 

It can also be a great tool for kids, trying to learn percentages. 

Besides, it is just a click away!


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