Unique One Network announces its new launch, Octopus Network, a next-generation multichain network.

Summary: Unique One Network is a decentralized platform that helps to revolutionize the NFTs Marketplace Economy.

Unique One Networks is going to conduct its IDO from October 30, 2022, to November 6th, 2022. A sum of 13 million tokens will be placed discounted for the general public round. This will split across multiple launchpads and upwards finance. 

The IDO permits financial backers the opportunity to take part in the $NUET investment round and be a part of a decentralized economy where purchasers and sellers exchange digital assets like NFTs and also connect in a Metaverse. 

Unique One Network is known as appchain, which revolutionized the NFTs Marketplace economy. As a decentralized appchain, it provides interoperability with NEAR protocol and Ethereum by means of rainbow extensions. Furthermore, the platform associates with any IBC-empowered blockchains directly utilizing the IBC pallet.

Unique One Networks works as a multichain blockchain hub which is a completely utilitarian NFT marketplace to connect all interesting One dApps and gives administration development to all Unique One artists as well as designing networks. 

A decentralized appchain provides support for Philanthropic raising money via charity incubators for investors, crypto projects and certifiable associations to innovate solutions to empower investors in need.

The platform offers a novel method for individuals and undertakes to get metaverse land in a flexible and versatile way and innovative marking component for metaverse land leases. 

Unique One Networks has developed successful marketplaces in various specialties on Ethereum, BSC, xDai, as well as Polygon, which offers users the capacity to develop diverse networks around various favored technologies and art styles. 

The platform transformed the assortment of dApp marketplaces on the famous EVM blockchain into a full-service multichain NFT hub along with a hub and spoke model. 

Many groups, projects, and organizations want NFT marketplaces to commend their products and advertising strategy. Users can launch an NFT marketplace without monetary risk by marking $UNET tokens. 

The appchain provides IPLO services which offer to add advertising, local area, and auction support to groups who desire to release their utility and governance tokens to their local area by means of NFT deals or auction events on the Unique One Network Marketplace. The projects that decide to hold IPOs on the Unique One Network Marketplace extend the exposure to appchain communities, Octopus Network Communities, and NEAR Protocol Meta-Communities.

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