Ducatur MultiChain Oracles Framework: A simple solution to connect blockchain and business.

Ducator is a decentralized platform that is designed to allow its users to create oracle systems on the blockchain for high reliability data exchange between business partners. The platform is essentially a collection of automated smart contracts on the blockchain that is connected to an offline node, acting as an interface between the two.

How Ducatur Works

Ducatur basically is just a framework, giving businesses the option to transit their basic oracle database and working to the blockchain by its simple interface. This creates a system which will allow users to create a network on which clients can share verified data, resolve conflicts and build their businesses experts, arbiters, and data providers.

The platform is a multi-chain compatible network. If a user finds a particular chain more feasible to work on, such as Ethereum, it can interface through that blockchain. Yet, if more of its business and clients are on another, such as NEO or EOS, this is not an issue as these blockchains are also supported by Ducatur.

How Ducatur Began

The team behind Ducator has a vast experience in development and maintenance of different oracle and blockchain projects. The team saw the potential of a decentralized network running an oracle database. The team also saw issues with the decentralized technology. Businesses who are not familiar with blockchain are very confused on which protocol and network to use as its base chain.

The platform, thus, began as a multi-chain system that will allow traditional digital databases of companies and firms to interface on the blockchain system of their choice, taking the load of maintaining and running a blockchain system off the shoulders of the organization, allowing it to concentrate on their core objectives.

Who Invented Ducatur?

The team behind Ducatur is a collection of different experts and professionals who excel in their line of work. The concept was created by George Bell, a blockchain marketing expert who has taken part in different teams of blockchain projects in multiple capacities, helping all successfully launch their initial coin offerings. High profile ICOs under his tutelage include LAtoken and Swissborg, which ran successful ICOs of USD 20 million and $ 50 million respectively.

Ivan Koshechev is their Chief Technical Officer, a person who has extensive experience in SAP systems. Apart from this he has developed different system interfaces for companies like IBM, Rosneft, Alfa-Bank, SAP CIS and Gazprom. He is also currently working closely with firms such as Atos, Metinvest and other BDO/IT companies.

The DUCAT Token and Crowdsale

Monetization of data transfer and acquisition is made possible with their native token, called the DUCAT. An Ethereum based ERC 20 standard compatible token, the token will become more than just a medium of exchange on the platform. As its value will grow, it will become tradable on digital exchanges just like any other cryptocurrency.

The initial and main token generation event (ICO) is over, with more than a thousand contributors backing 3.652 billion tokens through more than 14 thousand ETH. Unsold tokens, amounting to 337.8 million, will be burnt shortly, to ensure there is no inflation and the price of the tokens are preserved. The tokens were available for a price of 1 DUCAT equaling roughly 0.003 USD. This may not seem much, but like all crypto tokens, the exponential increase in value as it becomes available on the platform for exchange means an immense increase in overall demand and value.

Investing in Ducatur

With smart contracts increasing day by day on the Ethereum network and a major demand for small firms and companies to reduce their dependence on expensive and centralized Oracle solutions, there is a dearth of platforms and systems which can cater to this sector. Ducatur, with its solutions for such situations, mean that investing in the token is a sound solution.

As the tokens will become available to the public, trading and exchange will start immediately, allowing for investors who missed the opportunity to still have a door open for acquiring the tokens.

Ways to Earn Ducatur

Ducator, apart from being used in smart contracts for data exchange and validation can be earned by:

  • Prediction Markets: Users can trade with results of upcoming markets. Contracts will specify the outcome of future events, with Ducats given to participants on successful prediction.
  • Arbitration: Even with smart contracts being used, there will always be times when a seller and a buyer do not agree on the quality of data exchanged. This will lead to disputes that arbiters will need to clear. Arbiters will be paid a certain amount for dispensing justice.

Risks of Investing in Ducatur

Like all other crypto tokens, DUCAT is subject to market risks. The rise of the value predicted is what it is: PREDICTED. Market dynamics such as economic situation, supply and demand, technological change, laws and new regulations etc. can seriously affect the value of the token at any time. Investment in the token should be done at own risk.

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