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Understanding the Basics of Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding

Getting professional floor sanding in London is the best way to give your hardwood floors the finish they need. Experts can convert your scratched and dented floors into smooth and perfect surfaces with their skills.

If you want to learn more about the process, this blog is for you. Here we have discussed the basics of floor sanding, from the floor sanding methods experts use to the machines they use. 

↳ Prepare For Sanding

After getting the right tools and supplies, experts start the sanding process. But before that,  they prepare the area for sanding. They do this for smooth sanding and protecting items. 


Experts start by clearing the room and removing the furniture, rugs and other objects. Then they cover the immovable items with a plastic film. After that, they check the area for any hidden nails and loose boards. Lastly, experts vacuum the floors to prevent damage to the sanding machines.

↳ Start Sanding

Then they start the sanding process. First, they start sanding the area with a drum sander and 36-grit sandpaper along the grain of the wood. They Continue moving the machine while it’s on to prevent dents or spots. After the first pass, they vacuum the dirt and debris before moving on.

Next, pros use an edger for sanding the areas, like corners they can’t reach with a drum sander. But they use less pressure while doing this to prevent damage to the floor.

Then experts repeat the above process twice with finer grit sandpapers for a good finish. They use a 60-grit one for the second and 100-grit for the third pass. It creates a smooth finish and prepares the area for staining.

Lastly, they make one final pass with the orbital sander to blend the edges and the floor. It helps remove swirl marks and other small issues during sanding.

Here are the tools and materials experts use to provide perfect floor sanding in London.

↳ Tools and Machines Experts Use For Floor Sanding

Drum Sander

Floor Sanding

If you want to sand a large area, you will need this machine. It has a rotating drum, which you can cover with sandpaper. Due to its large size and power, you can use a drum sander to remove the entire top cover.



Floor Sanding

You can’t sand corners and other difficult areas with a drum sander. So You should use an edger instead. It is a small hand-held machine with sandpapers attached to its side. The rotating disc helps sand tighter areas that the drum sander can’t.


Orbital Sander

Floor Sanding

It is a tool with vibrating pads that can smooth out the floors after sanding. It gives the edges and corners the same look as the rest of the flooring. So using an orbital sander is important to get the desired finish.



Floor Sanding

Sandpapers are one of the most important tools for floor sanding. You can find them in different shapes like belts, discs and sheets in the markets of London. Also, there are many grits of sandpaper, from coarsest (36) to finer (100-120), that you can choose. You should use all grits of sandpaper to get the finish you want.


Vacuum Cleaner

Floor Sanding

Lastly, you need a good vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and dust created during sanding. But today, many sanding machines come with an attached vacuum. So when you use these sanders, you don’t have to vacuum again with a regular Hoover.

After Sanding Tips

↳ Inspect The Floor

Once experts finish sanding the floor, check the entire area for uneven surfaces that need attention. If you find any small issues, let them know, and they will fix it with a hand scraper.

↳ Clean The Area

You should clean the area after you finish sanding. Start by vacuuming the remaining dirt and dust. Then buff the floor by mopping it.

↳ Select Your Finish

Finally, in the basics of floor sanding, you should choose the finish that suits your home decor. You can choose a water or oil-based one as per your needs. These stains will give your floors a unique shade that will lift their appearance.

But if you are getting floor sanding in London, experts will apply the finish that looks best on your flooring.

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