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Seven Tips For Keeping Employees Safe In The Working Environment

Seven Tips For Keeping Employees Safe

Employees should feel safe in the working environment and as a business owner or a building operations manager, it’s your duty to ensure that is the case. There are many areas of the workplace that can be dangerous and that can go unnoticed.

That’s why it’s worthwhile having tips that keep your employees safe and will hopefully highlight some of the dangers in the workplace that you might not have realized were quite as dangerous, to begin with.

With that being said, here are several tips that will keep your employees safe in the working environment this year and beyond.

Keep the floors clear of clutter

Firstly, make sure that all the floors of your building are clear of clutter. Humans have a habit of collecting clutter at home and it’s no different when it comes to clutter in the workplace.

It can be made even more complicated when clutter becomes forgotten about and it’s clutter that might not belong to any of the workers who are currently employed by the business. Many companies then end up with years worth of clutter that has been lying around and taking up valuable space.

If that sounds like your current situation in the workplace, it’s time to do a clear-out. Get each department to manage its own clutter so that you’re not throwing out stuff that’s actually needed. If you’re trying to free up more space, it might be worth suggesting to go digital with all of the documents.

Instead of having folders and file drawers full of paper, you can get rid of it all and put it on your servers instead. By keeping your floors clutter-free, you’re going to avoid any tripping hazards and nasty falls in the workplace.

Make sure staff wear appropriate safety equipment where needed

Safety equipment is important to have when it comes to the safety of your employees, particularly when they’re working in environments where it’s dangerous. The same goes for any equipment that they might be responsible for and therefore need protection from.

Whether it’s safety goggles, steel-capped toe boots, or high visibility clothing, it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored, especially when it’s a legal obligation that could otherwise get you into a lot of trouble for not implementing. 

Take a look for any signs where safety equipment is either not being used or hasn’t been supplied appropriately. 

Encourage staff to keep their workstations clear

Keeping workstations clear is a lot like making sure there’s no clutter anywhere on the floor. Each employee is likely to have their own office desk when working in an office building environment.

If that’s the case, then it’s important to encourage staff to keep their workstations clear at all times. If not, then this can cause problems, not only from a safety point of view but also when it comes to the company’s general appearance.

You don’t want clients or customers stepping into your office and seeing workstations that are messy or unkempt. With that being said, make sure to enforce a policy whereby staff are required to keep their workstations clean and tidy at the start and end of every day.

Introduce any security and safety-relevant policies

Talking of policies, in order to protect the business, it’s essential that you’re putting any security and safety-relevant procedures in place and outlining these procedures in policies. These policies need to be placed around the company premises, especially when it comes to those policies that are in place to protect your employees.

From in-person security to the internet and browsing online, anything that’s safety-relevant should be readily available for employees to read and have access to. That way, as a business, you’ve done everything you can do to prevent injuries.

Get fire alarm testing

Fire alarms are something that you need to be hot on checking and testing as and when it’s required. Fire alarm testing is something that can get forgotten about, especially if they rarely go off. Nowadays, we do have access to fire alarms that will beep when they’re low on the battery supply, but it’s still necessary to test them every now and then.

The Working Environment

Ideally, you want to test your fire alarm systems every month and have a standard procedure in place where employees are pre-warned before the fire alarm is tested. If it’s not possible to do it once a month, then try to ensure it gets done at least every three months. This will ensure you’re doing everything possible to get the fire alarms tested.

At the same time, it’s worth doing a fire alarm drill where you evacuate the building to test the response time of your employees.

Be sure all workers take their breaks

All of your workers are responsible for their own personal well-being, especially when it comes to their mental well-being. However, the type of work culture you create can often limit their efforts in staying happy within the workplace.

If you’re encouraging a working environment where everyone eats from their desk at lunchtime and doesn’t take a regular break, you’re going to experience burnout and dissatisfaction with the work itself.

Therefore, to prevent this from happening, it’s good to encourage employees to take regular breaks. Not only is it good for the mind but it also ensures safety is being considered. 

Put up warning signs and labels

Where it’s required, it’s important to make sure any warning signs and labels are placed in and around the working environment. Whether it’s a temporary sign due to a spillage on the floor or it’s a sign that reminds the employee to wear certain safety equipment or tells them it’s a no-entry area, these visual indicators are essential to put in place.

They’re affordable and easy to invest in, so don’t neglect the importance of putting them up in and around the business.

Keeping your employees safe in the working environment is essential in this day and age. Make sure you’re doing everything you can as a business to keep them protected from the dangers.

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